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ATOJAR 10-11-10 06:10 PM

Ok sohaving hear alot of good things about iRacing in the past i decided to give it a try, I bought a 1 month pass to see if i like it .... If i do ill get the full 1 year pass.

(please bear with me im a total noob at this)

Now i have afew issues/questions so far hopefully somebody can help me with...

1. when parked still my wheel moves from left to right pretty quickly, Anybody got any idea what could be causing this?

2. Ive bought the 1 month pass & now when i go to race most of the races say i need to but additional content! ... :headexplode: I just bought a damn pass! what all that about?

3. I have a 900 degree wheel but what degrees should i set it at in the in-game settings for best results?

Hopefully somebody can help me out here. :o

Also any advice/tips are welcome. :)

ATOJAR 10-12-10 01:36 PM

Re: iRacing
I havent actually races in a series yet, Ive only been on the test track(i only bought it late last night & i cant play it tonight untill the kids go to bed) :o

Just been messing with the settings & trying to get everything just how i like it.

Heres my setting in the logitech control pannel:

Overall effect strength: 150%

Spring effect strenth: 0%

Damper effect strenght: 0%

& I have the box that says "Allow game to adjust settings" ticked.

Cream 07-18-11 06:51 AM

Re: iRacing
Just to let you know your not just talking to yourself, I'm atleast reading your content, even if I'm not commenting on it :D

Mike89 07-28-11 11:33 PM

Re: iRacing
I tried iRacing for the 3 months and didn't renew. As far as a racing sim, there is nothing better (nothing even comes close). This is for people who are REALLY into sim racing. Can get expensive paying monthly subscription, cars, etc. I have had the Logitech Momo (Red) racing wheel for a few years and it was good in it's day but it's not up to the quality to compete in iRacing. The racers there are no joke and will eat your lunch and if you're lucky, give you back your lunchbox. Be prepared to get your ass kicked HARD! You'll need something like the Logitech G27 at $300 if you really want to be competitive with the big boys who seem to do nothing but race.

I just wasn't enough of a die hard racer to continue to pay the monthly fee (and other expenses) when I knew I would hardly race let alone ever be competitive. It takes a long time just to work yourself up through the tiers (along with buying tracks) to even say hi to the real racers. Prepare to be a Newbie for a long time if you get involved with iRacing. It's not for the casual gamer. This is not pussy Danica Patrick s h i t, this is Kyle Busch stuff.

Cream 07-29-11 06:32 PM

Re: iRacing
That does look sweeeet.

Cream 07-31-11 04:02 PM

Re: iRacing
Stunning. The game and your set up :D

sammy sung 07-31-11 05:47 PM

Re: iRacing
That looks like a lot of fun :)

ElL33t 07-31-11 09:14 PM

Re: iRacing
I was really excited about this game until I saw this video. The money it takes to move up is insane, well insane for me. I'm just not willing to pay that much money.

Cream 08-01-11 08:43 AM

Re: iRacing
Sorry if im missing it on the web site, but what is the cost for the tracks and cars?

ElL33t 08-01-11 08:53 AM

Re: iRacing

Originally Posted by slaWter (Post 2462103)
Well first of all, that video is from the beta days in 2008 ;) I was part of that as well.
And I'm still racing there. It's worth it.
I'm not a fan of MMOs, I've never wasted time and money on titles like WoW for example. Also, I don't like the concept of DLCs and I have yet to buy a DLC pack at full price.

But somehow, iRacing throws my "rules" out of the window. Guess why? Yes, because it is that good!

btw, when iRacing first presented their concept, I was very active in LFS and thought this new thing will fail because of its cost. Then I got a beta access and I have never fired up LFS again since then.

I have all the content and including the subscriptions, I've probably spend around $1200-1500 over three years. That's not a lot of money for such a long time. Your normal game costs you $50 ($75 in Switzerland) for maybe 8-12h of fun. And it's about the same, if not a lot less, amount of money you have to invest in FSX for example. And nothing compared to the hardware investments for a "serious" sim experience ;)

But one thing is true. Now, you have to spend a lot more money to advance or even race a full season after completing the Rookie series. They have a lot more tracks now and a season runs 12 weeks on usually 12 different tracks. Back when I started, a season was also 12 weeks but only on 6 tracks. So buying new content was a slow and steady process. Now you need to invest more right from the start. But still, it's worth it :)

I'm sure the game is really fun. My point is I as a casual racer am not willing to spend that kind of money for one video game. I guess it is the same reason why I haven't bought any MMOs until TOR. For someone who is really into racing it looks to be a match made in heaven.

Cream 08-01-11 01:38 PM

Re: iRacing
Been sucked in :)
7.58 for 3 months gaming can't be bad :)

Cream 08-01-11 02:11 PM

Re: iRacing
PM sent

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