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HellraiserAJ 10-15-10 04:22 AM

Ubuntu 10.10 Freeze at Splash screen - After installing NVIDIA 260.19.12
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I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10 (32 bit Desktop Edition) on my Alienware m17x. I am a linux newbie and i referred to various forums and messages before i typed this.

To note, I installed the NVIDIA drivers from System -> Adminstration ->Additional drivers. The laptop Seiko display works fine but there are some problems as outlined below.

Problems :

1. My graphics cards are GeForce 260M in SLI mode (dual cards). However the graphics card that has been identified by NVIDIA is GeForce 9400 which is the onboard graphics. Maybe if i correct this one, my other problems might go off but not sure.


Tried installing the newer NVIDIA driver from http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-d...12-driver.html. Installed from ROOT with TELINIT 3 and could not run command nvidia-xconfig -a to enable both GPUS. Got error as API MISMATCH: NVIDIA Kernel has version 260.19.06 whereas the NVIDIA Component has 260.19.12.

When i rebooted my system, the resolution was worse than before.

I then tried to remove the restricted drivers and do a fresh install of the downloaded driver by deactivating it and reinstalling the drivers. The screen went blank on reboot.

So i had to resort to uninstalling the newer NVIDIA drivers and installing the restricted drivers to make the display look better.

<EDIT> I checked the BIOS and saw that the HYBRID SLI had been disabled. I tried enabling the HYBRID SLI in BIOS and then do the nvidia-xconfig -a after reboot, but i got the following error. Attachment 41284

So as of now, i am only running the graphics from the onboard GPU and not the SLI Cards present in my laptop. Pls help in this.

2. Pressing CTRL + ALT + F1 thru F6 gives blank screen (no display no backlight even). I am able to switch back to X by pressing CTRL + ALT + F7. Also CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE does not restart X as it is supposed to.

I believe that this is due to the resolution conflict.

3. Using an external monitor (Dell S2409W) with my laptop (thru VGA)

NVIDIA does recognize the monitor in NVIDIA-SETTINGS as shown in the image.Attachment 41285

I want separate display as TwinView is messing up with my laptop resolution and i cannot access the top / bottom panels etc. I want to use my monitor only for viewing and not the laptop display.


I did try to enable the monitor and click on but the monitor does not seem to be receiving any signal from the laptop. I did a reboot as well but that did not work too.

I am also attaching the XORG.CONF file for reference. Attachment 41283

Pls find the NVIDIA bug report log here. Attachment 41286

I have tried to be as clear as possible in my wordings but pls dont hesitate to ask me any further details. Pls help me out.

P.S : I have also asked the same question over at the Ubuntu forums, but i haven't got any reply yet.


HellraiserAJ 10-21-10 10:01 PM

Ubuntu 10.10 Freeze at Splash screen - After installing NVIDIA 260.19.12
Ok.... now i resolved the graphics driver issue i.e. installing the 260.19.12 drivers and also the monitor part by doing a fresh manual install. the steps can be found at link

Now i am facing another problem... the system does boot up... the display comes via the connected monitor... and my xorg.conf file does show the two 260M cards in the laptop... however, it does hang up in the splash screen... all i am seeing is the purple Ubuntu 10.10 screen and it hangs up right there.... i did a CTRL ALT F1 thru F6 but that doesnt work... no response is registered... however when i press the power button, there is a proper shutdown and i dont have to hard reset...

Does anyone know how to resolve this ?

Any help is appreciated... I am using a different laptop now... I will get on my linux laptop later and post the xorg.conf file for reference.



HellraiserAJ 10-28-10 11:19 PM

Re: Ubuntu 10.10 - GeForce 260M not detected - External Monitor not working - TTY1 bl
Ok ... i resolved this issue with the monitor display by DISABLING both HYBRID and INTEGRATED graphics in the BIOS and now my system boots to the Monitor with 1920x1080 resolution.. and looks SWEET!!!


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