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watsonr 09-05-02 07:59 PM

Driver for 2.5.x
Just wondering if I have any chance of getting a driver that would work with a 2.5.x kernel? So far I haven't seen anything that looks promising.

I've downloaded the source and it builds fine under 2.4.18 but it won't compile while trying to build one for the 2.5.x kernel.

Any suggestions or am I just out of luck?


utiel 09-05-02 10:19 PM

web page about nvidia and kernel 2.5

And Here is the new patch ( deleted the old one )


I found this web in #nvidia @ irc.openprojects.net

watsonr 09-06-02 04:14 PM

I successfully applied the patch and got the driver to compile and link just fine with 2.5.33 and mm4 patches. It doesn't support SMP by the way. All looks good until I try to start the X server. It doesn't start correctly.

Not sure where to go from here. Perhaps I missed something configuring the kernel. I had to remove a lot of drivers to get it to compile. Anyone have any ideas?

I also found the following two links to the patches for 2096.




utiel 09-06-02 06:28 PM

I will try kernel 2.5.x some day
Now I am using 2.4.18...( from Redhat, not from Kernel.org)

The last test I did, mouse didn't work for me, and I dissalented

My system, also is a little old, from feb '99, and I have seen kernel 2.5 is more active on PowerPC and IA64, than Ia32

Also, I don't use USB... and 2.5.x there will be only for testing changes

Perhaps next year, I buy a better machine ;)))

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