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Logical 10-20-10 11:44 AM

New Smartphone
Getting my new phone tommorow, the HTC Desire HD...

I have never owned a smartphone before with the Andriod os and so i decided i would splash out a little and get the best one on the market.

I've been told the iphone 4 has nothing on the Desire HD...

Also any advice on which apps i should get...I have already seen the 'golflogix' and being a keen golfer this should be pretty damn good.

lee63 10-20-10 09:11 PM

Re: New Smartphone
Angry Birds ;)

Bman212121 10-20-10 09:27 PM

Re: New Smartphone
Lol my friend said the same thing...

Logical 10-21-10 05:32 AM

Re: New Smartphone
I'll be angry soon if my new HTC doesn't arrive in the next hour...grrrr

lee63 10-21-10 10:42 PM

Re: New Smartphone
Did it come ? pics please :)

PeterJensen 10-21-10 11:56 PM

Re: New Smartphone
I went with the Samsung Galaxy S :) Now thats is a nice phone and über fast.

Stoneyguy 10-22-10 08:16 AM

Re: New Smartphone

Originally Posted by PeterJensen (Post 2335343)
I went with the Samsung Galaxy S :) Now thats is a nice phone and über fast.

+ uno

Logical 10-22-10 03:59 PM

Re: New Smartphone
My Desire HD came today...Absolutly loving this smartphone (day later than said date), it is unbelievably fast, i have never seen response times like this on a phone..It is fully booted before the iphone4's logo screen has gone off. :)

nekrosoft13 10-22-10 07:21 PM

Re: New Smartphone
how much do these things go for?

crainger 10-22-10 09:23 PM

Re: New Smartphone
In Australia you can get a Desire outright for like 500 bux, on a plan for nothing. My mate a work got one and loves it. My Dad got one too. I'm waiting till next year to compare Apple, Android and WM7.

nekrosoft13 10-22-10 09:34 PM

Re: New Smartphone
are you talking about desire or desire hd

crainger 10-23-10 06:22 AM

Re: New Smartphone
Ummm, the regular one I think?? HD is just out here and they had their phones last month.

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