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khoi0107 10-24-10 01:46 AM

Sony Vaio Nvidia GT 230M Ubuntu black screen problem
Hi guys !!! I
Recently I install ubuntu 10.10 32bit on my Sony Vaio laptop. After the CD boot I always got a black screen, after a week i figured that there's nothing wrong, it's just the screen doesnt show up on my laptop's screen. So I use an external monitor and It showed up as normal.

But I cant stay this way, I need to have it show up on my laptop's creen.
I tried to use "additional driver" to activate latest Nvidia driver but after that even my external monitor doesnt work too. Latest driver doesnt work properly i guess.
I did try to install older driver version manually but after I turned of gdm, install driver and reboot, my ubuntu always starts with tty1 command terminal. tried ctrl+alt+7 but it stucked at (checking battery state), startx doesnt help me return to graphical screen too. (this is the result for startx http://yfrog.com/6rimg2569hgj )

I got help from a moderator in ubuntuforum.org but the best result so far is to edit my /etc/default/grub. Change
Sudo update-grub
after the reboot I have it shows up on my laptop's screen. But it seems low-bit color,a bit grand to me(compared to external monitor, both w/o driver). Anw i checked system/preference>monitor . It showed up that my monitor:unknown. I can't choose other resolutions, refresh rate = 0.

I always know its my widescreen is the problem. I have had a lot of problems dealing with games/application (on windows) can't work on 16:9 mode.
The external monitor is 5:4 screen ithat's why it can work, i guess
Can anybody help me install a stable Nvidia driver, or help my ubuntu to recognize my monitor plz

I've tried 2 weeks for this and Im hopeless now, I'm newbie so sorry for any dump question and plz give me a step-by-step instruction coz my major is EE and Im trying to learn embedded linux for my board .
Everything I tried in the past weeks is in here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.p...oi0107&page=13
Sorry for my English, Im not native spearker
My laptop is SONY VAIO VPCCW19FX, Nvidia GeForce GT 230M, widescreen monitor
Plz help

khoi0107 10-24-10 01:51 AM

Re: Sony Vaio Nvidia GT 230M Ubuntu black screen problem
At this time I haven't install any version of Nvidia driver yet coz I dont wanna mess up and reinstall ubuntu again, so sorry I dont have a "log" file.

theone123 10-27-10 06:15 AM

Re: Sony Vaio Nvidia GT 230M Ubuntu black screen problem
In this thread is the solution for your problem.

Link: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=140482

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