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trivium nate 10-26-10 07:41 PM

This really needs to stop now
mods im ****ing sick of you not ****ing doing **** about this but im ****ing sick and tired of the Audrey and credit card and strippers jokes they aren't funny and its ****ing been over killed, I ****ing want mods to start banning anyone who ****ing makes any references to this BS I've ****ing had enough,I've ****ing pmed ppl asking them to kindly stfu about all this but no one ****ing listens its not ****ing funny anymore you **** sucking assholes,

don't bitch at me for swearing on here you'r not ****ing doing anything the **** about it and I want this ****ing Bs to stop or maybe we need to find some ****ing real mods because all the current ones suck ass at paying attention **** You,

Enough with the ****ing Bs ass jokes its not funny **** you

this ****ing thread needs to be deleted right ****ing now

that is all **** you

ragejg 10-26-10 07:43 PM

Re: This really needs to stop now
And good bye to you for a little while.

Think before you post. That's the lesson.

See ya when/if you come back. Maybe take some meds.

trivium nate 10-26-10 07:45 PM

Re: This really needs to stop now
**** you

ragejg 10-26-10 07:49 PM

Re: This really needs to stop now
We're done here. I can't close this thread, but it needs to be closed.

Lesson: Don't be stupid on the internet without expecting flak. If you get picked on, roll with it, especially if it's in a joking way. If you lash out repeatedly and harshly, expect your treatment to get harsh. If you insult the staff/mods, you earn a free vacation.

I gave him ten days off. If he comes back with the same attitude he'll be gone for good.

Sazar 10-26-10 09:16 PM

Titties :bleh:


Trivium, you were daft. And YOU keep bringing **** up. I guarantee you most people neither know nor care about your shennanigans that YOU posted.

Be a man and own up or stfu and gtfo. You are behaving like a pms'ing teen girl.

methimpikehoses 10-26-10 09:39 PM

Re: This really needs to stop now
good idea to make this thread!

DiscipleDOC 10-26-10 10:48 PM

Re: This really needs to stop now
Nate, I told you before that you need to chill out and check your freaking self.

If you come back and you start another thread like this, you will be permanently banned.

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