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lOtz1009 10-28-10 04:21 AM

"nvidia-installer -k" does not work
After a kernel upgrade i try to recompile the kernel modules with

nvidia-installer -k
but the installer tells me

Error. No package for installation
and I have to reinstall the whole driver with

nvidia-installer -f
Any idea why the recompiling does not work? I tried directly after upgrade and additionally after a restart.

System: openSUSE 11.3, 64Bit
Driver 260.19.12 (but the error was on previous drivers too)

towo| 10-28-10 05:30 AM

Re: "nvidia-installer -k" does not work
What are you trying to do?
If you will only build the kernel-module for the actual running kernel, you have to do

nvidia-installer -K

as the Readme suggest. -k needs the name of an other kernel as value.

lOtz1009 10-28-10 05:35 AM

Re: "nvidia-installer -k" does not work
Sorry, that was a typo.
I used the capital K (nvidia-installer -K)

towo| 10-28-10 05:36 AM

Re: "nvidia-installer -k" does not work
And you do that from the directory of the extracted run-package?

lOtz1009 10-28-10 05:43 AM

Re: "nvidia-installer -k" does not work
No. Where would that be?
I don't have the current .run-file and I don't know where the installer put any files.

towo| 10-28-10 05:48 AM

Re: "nvidia-installer -k" does not work
Then download it, and do

sh NVIDIA-linux-foo.run --extract-only

or do

sh NVIDIA-linux-foo.run -K

lOtz1009 10-28-10 06:01 AM

Re: "nvidia-installer -k" does not work
So nvidia-installer -K won't work without the (existing, extracted) .run-file?
Then I'll keep a copy of that file for future updates.

Do you know a possibility for keeping the .run-file that is downloaded when nvidia-installer --update installs an update? (if there's an option in the documentation I'll find it. I'm not on that computer right now).

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