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Juhizz 10-28-10 09:50 AM

Do i have faulty card?
so,i got oc`d leadtek gtx 460 three weaks ago,and every since had problems.drivers are crashing,artifacts and stucking on games.
i changed mobo,psu and memorys.still same problem.occt gives 49110 errors in 20min test.allso when trying to do 3mark vantage benchmark drivers will crash.
so only option might be rma it?or does someone have anything else what i can try?
drivers now 260.99
forgot mention that i have win 7 x64 installed 3 times 2 clean instals on different hdd`s
other rig
q6600 3,2ghz
2x2gb 1066mhz exelrams
assrock p45,old was asus p5b,tested with both
550w corsair psu

Maverick123w 10-28-10 10:12 AM

Re: Do i have faulty card?
I'd say RMA it. My GTX 470 just went out so I'm in the process of waiting for thE RMA to be accepted by gigabyte but it's taking them FOREVER.

Juhizz 10-28-10 12:00 PM

Re: Do i have faulty card?
actually i allready done rma request last week,but leadtek havent send me any info about it..
could i have some other fail allso,friend give me old 7900gs and this is allso doing same things that gtx.errors on occt and richard burns rally.arma 2 and oa are other games i play,but dont even wana try arma with this 7900..
can this win 7 cause all these errors?iv run memtest for couple hours and it was ok
right now im thinking to change it for win xp x64...
p.s.sorry my english aint so good

e:can faulty tft screen affec like that?

grey_1 10-28-10 08:37 PM

Re: Do i have faulty card?
Hi Juhizz, memtest will not always show bad ram.

Try using one stick at a time. I think bad ram would cause blue screens more than video corruption, but it's worth a try for trouble shooting purposes.

Juhizz 10-29-10 03:58 AM

Re: Do i have faulty card?
well.i installed x64 xp and with couple hours of testing its working ok.what can cause those problem with win 7?anyway,im still thinking rma it..

Maverick123w 10-29-10 10:00 AM

Re: Do i have faulty card?
Well 7 uses a 3d GUI so it's going to tax the video card much more even at the desktop than xp. Try loading up some 3d intensive software.

Juhizz 11-03-10 07:46 AM

Re: Do i have faulty card?
i tested with games,and those work with xp..biggegst problem with win 7 seems to be gpu usage bouncing,what can cause that?
how much should i have memory clocks?preset seems to be 1800mhz,i read that it should be 3600mhz,,,im i lost??

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