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linuxfever 10-28-10 03:17 PM

nvidia-settings hangs

I am using an up-to-date openSUSE 11.3 (64-bit), KDE 4.5.2, an NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT and the proprietary NVIDIA driver 260.19.12, which I installed manually following the instructions from


Sometimes, running "nvidia-settings" will cause the whole desktop to freeze for about 5-10 seconds, spike the Xorg CPU usage up to 100%, until the settings appear where everything goes back to normal. I am experiencing the same problem even with the older 256.53 driver.

Running "nvidia-settings" from a terminal does not show any output and restarting X does not help. Any ideas how to figure out what is happening, any places to look for log files?

Thanks for any suggestions.

artem 10-28-10 06:10 PM

Re: nvidia-settings hangs

strace -tt -o /tmp/nv.log nvidia-settings
in console and shut down/quit nvidia-settings as soon as they run.

Then bzip2 that log file and attach it here.

linuxfever 10-29-10 03:16 AM

Re: nvidia-settings hangs
1 Attachment(s)
Thank you artem. I attached the file.

artem 11-05-10 06:31 AM

Re: nvidia-settings hangs
All I can see is that something is really f*ck up on your system. But my Linux knowledge isn't enough to figure it out.

linuxfever 11-05-10 08:07 AM

Re: nvidia-settings hangs
Never mind, I installed Kubuntu 10.10 and problem is gone. thanks for your help though!

qdlaty 11-05-10 10:38 AM

Re: nvidia-settings hangs
I've the same problem. Happens also with WINE and other programs using GTK2.

I don't want to shift to KUbuntu to solve my problem.

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