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Milena 10-30-10 11:53 AM

SLI with GTX 400 Series
Hi there

I would like to know if the SLI support on Linux has- or will be improved with upcoming driver releases. In the past i read horrible posts about users actually getting worse results with SLI on Linux than with a single card configuration, extreme micro-stuttering and very bad FPS. I recently bought 2 GTX470 and a Win7 copy to play new games but i would also like to get the full SLI performance on Linux, for example for the Unigine benchmarks. I know there is no such thing as the game profiles we have from the Windows driver but i mean the OpenGL performance in general, and yes, possibly to speed up games in wine as well.

Please share your experience with recent drivers if you own Fermi cards.

Thanks and best regards

Ulukai 11-01-10 06:03 AM

Re: SLI with GTX 400 Series
I own a Geforce GTX 470 and it's working fabulous as a single card in Linux, I don't use windows. Watching videos and playing games is really great and new kernels and Xorg releases are well supported. After reading about the bad performace of fermi cards in SLI on Linux, I started threads here too, but no response from Nvidia. Then I even sent a couple of mails to a SLI dev (got the address of another forum member), no respons. As far as I know the performance is still worse than a single card, even with the latest drivers.

My interests are also to know whether they are aware of the bad performance and are they trying to do something about it? Beyond that, I think we need the possibility to create SLI profiles in nvidia-settings and more documentation about what games and features are supported. I don't care about enabling SLI in the GUI or in xorg.conf, we are Linux users anyway, but at least there should be some customizable options to tweak the use of SLI per application to create some level of comfort using SLI on Linux.

Just a quick word from the dev team would be nice, so we know we're not left in the cold.

Thank you.

zander 11-01-10 02:39 PM

Re: SLI with GTX 400 Series
We've had tentative plans to improve SLI flexibility, configurability and (directly or indirectly through the former) on Linux/etc. for some time, and I still expect those plans will come to fruition at some point. However, for various reasons, I cannot even speculate when that might be. Unfortunately, there's a lot of higher-priority work that SLI improvements take a back seat to.

Ulukai 11-02-10 07:36 AM

Re: SLI with GTX 400 Series
It's nice to have some level of feedback on this topic at last, thank you Zander!

Hopefully these plans will become a reality in time for some new Linux titles which will arrive next year (Unigine, Oil Rush, Rage, maybe Steam?). It's just weird that SLI works pretty fine for other chips and Fermi support is left untouched for half a year now.

Milena 11-02-10 09:58 PM

Re: SLI with GTX 400 Series
Thanks Zander and also Ulukai for the info, its nice to know something might come some time to improve SLI on Linux.

On Windows the Fermi cards have the best SLI scaling ever, especially the 470 + 480. I had 285's before and they were worse. One reason for asking about SLI improvements in the near future is because i thought about selling both of my 470's and get one 480 or even the 580 once released and go back to Linux fulltime as the only game that forced me using Windows seems to work decent now with wine. I understand there are much more important tasks for the Linux driver team now and i'll wait or go for the single card solution mentioned above.

Spyke 11-03-10 02:36 PM

Re: SLI with GTX 400 Series
Very nice to know whats happening. Thanks Zander.

Hope to see improvements in the future, especially in the performance/usability department.

cheechr1 06-11-11 12:41 PM

Re: SLI with GTX 400 Series
Bump. Any hope of Fermi SLI improvements on the horizon, Zander?

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