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jcniest5 11-01-10 01:25 AM

DX 11 Games
This is probably a stupid question but here I go anyway. Okay, so when true DirectX 11 games come out, can we still use Direct10 video cards to play them or do we really need to switch to DX11 video cards? I ask this question because we used to be able to play DX10 games on DX9 video cards, so I'm wondering if that is going to change or not.

ATOJAR 11-01-10 01:47 AM

Re: DX 11 Games
DX11 games will be backward compatible(probably), In other words you will still be able to play DX11 games even with a DX9 card only you only be getting DX9 visuals.

You will obviously need a DX11 card to get the full visuals.

Redeemed 11-01-10 01:47 AM

Re: DX 11 Games
Ultimately it's up to the devs... but odds are the answer is yes. :)

LydianKnight 11-01-10 05:30 AM

Re: DX 11 Games
You can be sure many games (even upcoming ones) will continue to sport (at least) a DirectX 9/10 codepath, as DirectX 11 is still relatively new and its adoption rate is still somewhat low (heck... there's not even DirectX 11 programming books out there yet).

There are exceptions, althought for now I just remember one: Just Cause 2, directly coded in DirectX 10 with no DirectX 9 codepath, but apart from that... nah, you can be sure you'll have a way to use DirectX 9/10 even if some games are beginning to use DirectX 11.

Like Redeemed said, it's up to the developers, but I'm sure the answer is a sounding... yes :P

frenchy2k1 11-01-10 12:24 PM

Re: DX 11 Games
It's a matter of "follow the money".
No developer can afford to release a game working only on 10% of the market, except if they have huge backing (think MS sponsoring the game, like halo for PC only working on Vista).
Most companies want to sell their goods and will make it usable by the largest amount of people.

Which is why so many developers are screaming at intel to increase the perfs of their integrated graphics, as those power over 50% of the world's PCs...

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