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CaptnStubing 11-02-10 12:08 PM

Anyone get a Kinect?
If you got one give us your thoughts on it. My son really wants one but I'm not sure I want to waste money on this.

NaitoSan 11-02-10 01:38 PM

Re: Anyone get a Kinect?
My order hasn't shipped. When I get my hands on it, I'll give you some of my thoughts after few hours of playing session.

GIGARAM 11-02-10 01:47 PM

Re: Anyone get a Kinect?
i had one on pre-order but after reading up on it and watching vids on it i wont be bothering. a few years ago i had a near fatal motorbike crash (a woman driver pulled out infront of me i felt bad at the time for smashing my bike in to the side of her car and cutting her important phone call short) as a result of that i cant fully extend my left arm or rase my right arm over my shoulder so i wil never be able to use one. they do look good but 130 quid for a controller is a bit much lol. to sum it up i would wait untill his birthday then there will be more real games out for it not these gimmick games that launch with it, plus you could get a cheep preowned one from game lol some one will trade it in lol

lduguay 11-02-10 01:57 PM

Re: Anyone get a Kinect?
Maybe if it comes with a good sesh game :(

mojoman0 11-02-10 02:45 PM

Re: Anyone get a Kinect?
when will it be compatible for pc? I bet the hardware hackers will have a field day with it

NaitoSan 11-02-10 10:56 PM

Re: Anyone get a Kinect?
My order got shipped today so I should expect it on launch day on Thursday. :D For some reason I thought today is Kinect's launch day.

BronzeGod 11-04-10 06:01 PM

Re: Anyone get a Kinect?
I was killing Reflex Ridge in my Geek Squad uniform today :captnkill:

Lyme 11-04-10 09:25 PM

Re: Anyone get a Kinect?
I was in on the Kinect beta, so I've had experience with it for a few months now. It is quite good so long as you realize it isn't the end all and be all of everything. Most of the games right now are quite gimmicy, and I expect like the wii it will take some time before developers get the hang of the thing. A number of things, such as the who experience integration, are still a little rough but have been coming along quite well over the last few months. What I've liked so far is that it is really fun to play the games like sports and adventures with my son, and we have had no complaints about lag and such. Sure there is noticeable lag but it isn't huge and it has been getting smaller as they optimize the system. A few more games would be nice, but those will come in time.

betterdan 11-04-10 10:23 PM

Re: Anyone get a Kinect?
Are there any driving games out for it yet and do you control the gas pedal and brakes with your feet while controlling the wheel with your hands? That might be interesting.

Lyme 11-04-10 11:00 PM

Re: Anyone get a Kinect?
The only driving game so far is Kinect Joy ride. You don't control the gas with your foot, rather the gas is always down and you do powerup speed by pulling your arms back and pushing forward, you do stunts by leaning side to side and such. It's a good game for kids to play.

NaitoSan 11-04-10 11:11 PM

Re: Anyone get a Kinect?
My order got a slight delayed... meh. Should get it either tomorrow or Saturday. I was so looking forward to get my hands on it tonight. :(

Yaboze 11-05-10 08:42 AM

Re: Anyone get a Kinect?
I'm curious on how good it is from real gamers, not a review site. Looking forward to hearing about it.

I'm not getting it myself. My 360 is hooked up to my 24" LCD (PC) at 1920x1080, it's just not set up to do any kind of finger wagging. I use the VGA cable and have a Monster optical cable going into the back of my X-Fi Titanium. Works great.

My PS3 is hooked up to my big family room Sony Bravia LCD and I'm more likely to get the Move than Kinect. The PS3 + Move is what the Wii should have been. HD graphics and more accurate movement..

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