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lispler 11-08-10 08:05 AM

2560x1440 not working..

I have a 17" Macbook Pro with Geforce 9600M GT.
It has a mini-DisplayPort and a resoltution of 1920x1200 on the internal LCD.

I want to attach a 27" Dell with a native resolution of 2560x1440.

With a mDP to DVI-d adapter and DVI-d cable, nvidia-settings allows to set a resultion up to 1600-something. Wtih mDP to HDMI adapter, I get to chose up to 1920x1080.

If I start X with the HDMI-Adapter and switch to DVI-d, the higher resolution is still working but when opening nvidia-settings it will not allow me to chose it.

How do I get full resolution? A mDP->DP adapter should arrive soon but it should have worked with the other two variants already.

Or is this just an auto-detection issue? Can I force a higher resolution somewhere?

Civilus 11-08-10 10:05 AM

Re: 2560x1440 not working..
AFAIK, Dell U2711 (you have this model, right?) doesn't support 2560x1440 via DP at all (so mDP -> DP won't work). At least there are a lot of info of those who couldn't get it working via DP and no one who could.

You can get 2560x1440 only if your NB supports DP 1.2 or higher and only via mDP -> Dual-Link DVI-D converter (I don't know if your converter was Dual-Link, see wikipedia for connector pinout).

lispler 11-08-10 11:54 AM

Re: 2560x1440 not working..
Thanks, U2711 is correct. We bought a whole bunch of them, including PCs with two DP connectors to drive them. Hope we don't run into problems with this DP issue..

For mDP->DVI (I thought -d is dual, I stand corrected..) I tried a 25 Euro adapter from HAMA. It advertises itself as "dual-link DVI-I" but only reaches 1600-something.

This is ****ed up...I'll wait and see if the DP-Adapter works, otherwise I have to buy the ugly and far too expensive dual-link DVI adapter from Apple..

(And yes, the actual DVI cable is also advertised as dual-link DVI and has the required additional pins..)

Civilus 11-10-10 04:50 PM

Re: 2560x1440 not working..
It's strange that it's 16xx... It should be ~1920x1080. Try to use your adapter in macos or google for some successful experience with any non-apple addapters.

lispler 11-10-10 05:20 PM

Re: 2560x1440 not working..
Nope, I got the same resolution in OSX. Its actually also the same that I get with my old mDP->DVI adapter from Apple. I already returned the adapter and I'm now wait for the DP adapter.

BTW, a collegue successfully drives the display at full resolution via DP using a Lenovo T410 and a new docking station, so DP is working in general. Another collegue already bought the big new Apple adapter but this is my last option..

lispler 11-14-10 06:01 AM

Re: 2560x1440 not working..
For the archive:

DeLock produces a 1.8m mDP to DP adapter cable that works perfectly fine.

someone2000 04-09-11 01:53 AM

Re: 2560x1440 not working..
How did you get this to work ?

I have an HDX9494 with a Geforce 8800 GTS in it. It has a HDMI and VGA port.

I'm trying to drive a Dell U3011 at 2560x1600.

Dell says the HDMI interface on the U3011 is only rated to 1920x1200, which it drives just fine.

I got a Startech Dual Link HDMI to DVI converter. With it I can only get 1600x1200.

The Xorg log (/var/log/Xorg.0.log) says DPF-0 is dual link and it drives the internal display. DPF-1 is single link and connected to the HDMI port and it is limited to 165MHz.

I know HDMI is different than DP, but was there more to it than the cable adapter ?


lispler 04-09-11 02:35 AM

Re: 2560x1440 not working..
> I know HDMI is different than DP, but was there more to it than the cable adapter?


> Dell says the HDMI interface on the U3011 is only rated to 1920x1200,
> which it drives just fine.

There are different versions of HDMI with different maximum throughput. If it only makes 1920, you have a problem.

The DVI converter might work if it is active, i.e. has its own power supply. For the DP->DVI adapters this is a known problem. There is not enough power in the DP input to drive the 2560er DVI signal. I figure its the same for HDMI->DVI.

danix 04-11-11 02:49 PM

Re: 2560x1440 not working..
HDMI only supports single link. If your laptop only has VGA and HDMI outputs, I don't see how it could drive a mode with a high pixelclock that requires the dual link connection.

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