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Roadhog 11-11-10 09:56 PM

Photography Forum?
see poll.

Albo 11-11-10 10:09 PM

Re: Photography Forum?
Even your avatar is a ginger.

Bearclaw 11-12-10 06:28 AM

Re: Photography Forum?
Hey Albo, why would you vote no?

Roadhog 11-12-10 11:53 AM

Re: Photography Forum?

Originally Posted by Bearclaw (Post 2346262)
Hey Albo, why would you vote no?

hes a troll.

betterdan 11-14-10 09:31 AM

Re: Photography Forum?
I just hope this forum doesn't get like some other forums and have 600 sections. Looks like crap in my opinion, way too busy.

Drolfrawd 11-14-10 11:22 AM

Re: Photography Forum?
I'm in

mullet 11-14-10 04:27 PM

Re: Photography Forum?
I'm in before DD closes it.

Roadhog 11-15-10 08:05 PM

Re: Photography Forum?

Roliath 11-15-10 11:30 PM

Re: Photography Forum?
with the long thread in the open forum, I voted yes.
I really should start carrying my d90 everywhere again.

Roadhog 11-16-10 02:53 PM

Re: Photography Forum?
bumpity bump, it's all hidden down here! Needs more votes. :D

Albo 11-16-10 03:03 PM

I agree with betterdan. Two many subforums suck. That's why I voted no. Also, there are almost never any photograph threads. It wouldn't be popular.

ragejg 11-16-10 03:16 PM

Re: Photography Forum?
I'd say that a photography forum could add more variety here and drown out some of the BS in the P&R section, and the sort of "overstayed its welcome" testing/spam forum content (which I admittedly participate in once in a while).

I think it'd be popular, it'd be fun to participate in, and it'd be good for NV News.

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