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fhaber 11-12-10 03:30 PM

Success, with console funnies, 96.43.19, Linux x86
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Aaron, thank you very much for your attention to the legacy Linux drivers. I have 96.19 32-bit running nicely here in 12x10, no effects, simple solid desktop background - all on the really inexpensive MX420 that came with the machine. My user experience follows.

(Mostly Win user here. I'm pretty good with hardware, but my xxNIX experience is mostly obsolete and from long ago, with sys5 and V7 UNIX. My knowledge of modern Linux distros and Ubuntu is minimal. Please be gentle.)

Object: to install Ubuntu Studio on an old Dell P4 purely to check out the variety of music apps in the specialized sub-distro, Ubuntu Studio. The AC97 sound is disabled, and I'm running a Chaintech PCI soundcard (Envy chip). This has always been a touch cranky. (It broke randomly into a full-amplitude howl in a more recent machine.) It's been OK here in WinXP dualboot, sounds lovely, and is worth the trouble. I've concluded I just have to have accelerated video running to unload the single CPU enough to do what I want with audio, so I'm at your mercy (g). The XP boot is my fallback.

I had some troubles with the Ubuntu main repository 96 driver under Lucid (sound fails on update and/or restart), and have been trying Maverick. No acceleration with that until now, of course.

The .19 driver installed without drama from the dajhorn PPA. The only hickies I saw in the first hour are. I suspect, Deb/Ubuntu things rather than yours. Could someone advise?

o AltF1-6 consoles are dogmeat VGA resolution.

o Cannot return to Gnome with AltF7. I get the centered "ubuntu" and the four dots, one of which turns red and then a black screen. I get incomplete character echo (offset left - this is VGA-analog on a flatscreen), but no prompt, no stderr, and no hotkeys. But Ctl-alt-del works to reboot.

o Recovery character shells are also half-legible VGA, with split-line word wrapping, etc. Thus the attached log is NOT verbosity-6.

o Gnome GUI desktops 2-4 are fine, though.

Thanks, and feel free to ask for more testing.

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