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frix 11-16-10 12:25 PM

patch for nvidia 260.9.14 (CUDA) on rt-linux
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The nvidia propriety driver doesn't build against the linux kernel with the -rt (real-time) patch applied.
Searching the web, I've found a patch for nvidia 256.44 on linux at
Small changes were required to get the patch working on 260.9.14.

I've attached the updated patch.
Apply the patch as follow to the nVidia driver (assuming that you're using the nVidia driver with CUDA development support)
1) ./devdriver_3.2_linux_32_260.19.14.run --extract-only
2) cd /tmp/NVIDIA_Linux-x86-260.19.14/kernel
3) Move the patch to this directory
4) Apply the patch: cat patch.txt | patch -p2
The output should state: patching file nv-linux.h
5) cd ..
6) Build the module:
./nvidia-installer -K --kernel-name=

This was all that was required for me.
Good luck.

interzoneuk 11-27-10 07:20 AM

Re: patch for nvidia 260.9.14 (CUDA) on rt-linux

I am using the Latest nvidia driver (260.19.21) on kernel .

I use this patch


(it was originally posted on this forum)

It works fine.

Hope this helps

zeroPadder 11-25-11 07:16 PM

Re: patch for nvidia 260.9.14 (CUDA) on rt-linux
Hello! Sorry to revive this old thread.. The link is broken and this patch would be very usefull for me.. Could it be possible to post it again? Cheers

interzoneuk 03-03-12 04:14 AM

Re: patch for nvidia 260.9.14 (CUDA) on rt-linux

You can access the old patch in this thread


However the rt kernel is now at 3.2.x ...


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