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Bearclaw 11-22-10 09:34 AM

iOS 4.2 Released for iPhone/iPad/iTouch
iOS 4.2 released. Was suppose to be earlier, then last week, and it just released. Most eager for wireless printing. :D


Sazar 11-22-10 11:39 PM

Re: iOS 4.2 Released for iPhone/iPad/iTouch
Any fix for the proximity sensor that Steve Jobs PROMISED would be fixed several months ago during multiple conference calls and media presentations?


Oh well, good job Apple :D

At least my iphone 4 is all shiny. Who cares if it works correctly :bleh:

MUYA 11-23-10 01:04 AM

Re: iOS 4.2 Released for iPhone/iPad/iTouch
I am pretty happy with mine, but I use a BT SonyE MW600 headphone/set :D

Battery life is good with just BT and listening to music and occasional gaming (highnoon, osmos, solomon graveyard? Galaxy on Fire etc)

One full charge lasts the whole working day...(well maybe a lil pick me up an hour before i have leave officially)

Going to update tonight and see what the fuss is all about

Airbrushkid 11-23-10 05:59 AM

Re: iOS 4.2 Released for iPhone/iPad/iTouch
My still works fine. Never had the Proximity Sensor problem.

Bearclaw 11-23-10 06:59 AM

Works great. I am going to get an airport extreme and try the airplay. A refurbished one on eBay is only $45.

Also... When did Apple change the syncing options? For contacts, you can now sync with Yahoo, google, etc. Awesome. Being able to sync between Gmail and my phone is awesome.

crainger 12-10-10 03:33 AM

Re: iOS 4.2 Released for iPhone/iPad/iTouch
4 point something. It's awesome you can Exchange sync so many things, especially google and hotmail. Easy to share calendar events with other GMail users. I just got Beagle's old 3G after she got a 4G. I jailbroke it. -.- It was good.

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