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superconti 09-06-02 06:27 AM

Newbie question about nforce....
I am totaly new at Linux and before making some mistake maybe someone can give me a clue, i have a Nforce system, i do plan to install redhat 7.3...so i would like to know if i have to install both Nforce driver and Graphic driver to see the integrated GPU ? Or will the Nforce driver take in charge everything ?

Second question is :
If i disable the integrated Gpu and put a regular Gforce2 card, do i need to reinstall something ?

Third question is :
May i setup a custom resolution ? I might need a special resolution, special Khz (less than 31) and Interlace, etc.... can i do it with Xfree86 ?

Thank you for your support:confused:

Thunderbird 09-07-02 04:54 AM

You will need the nvidia video drivers to get the GPU working. If you later switch to a normal AGP card you don't have to change anything. (both cards are nvidia ...)

For sound (kernel has support now too, but take nvidia's drivers) and lan you will need nvidia's nforce drivers.

You want to use your own modelines. (custom KHz, interlacing ..) All that is possible but not that easy. You'll need to look into XFree86 modeline programming.

superconti 09-07-02 11:46 PM

Thanks :) , things seems to be a little bit clear now, btw, any good link to teach me about "modeline" and xfree86 (maybe one dealing with Nvidia card) ?

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