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krionius 07-31-03 03:31 PM

Notorius BTTV hang with NForce2 mobo

I have an ugly system lockup with BTTV on Pinnacle PCTV Rave (bttv 878) + Abit NF7 mobo (nforce2).

I tried everything:

* removing all cards but the tv-tuner, than moving the card into all of the PCI slots.
* configuring irqs,so it wont share irq with nothing (using biosirq, not acpi)

* newest 0.7, 0.9 bttv driver
* kernel 2.4.21

* using -noxv param in XawTV
* using zapping tv viewer

* using nvidia's driver newest, or older drivers.
* using simple nv driver provided with X

Nothing helped. It hangs and hangs and hangs!!! Sh*t! :)

Any ideas what to do? Experience? Almost anything is welcome.


leibold 08-02-03 05:19 PM

The problem with bttv cards is typically pci latency. The card needs a high pci latency value (the amount of time it is allowed to transfer data over the bus, this allows to transfer a lot of data in one cycle). You'll probably soon find out that other cards (especially audio) like the value to be low (they like to transfer a small amount of data, very often). The trick is to find the right value in the middle that keeps all the hardware happy. PCI latency can be adjusted on some motherboards in the bios. For the rest there is powertweak.

Tip: pci latency is an 8-bit value (0-255), but the lower 3 bits are ignored. You can save a lot of time when experimenting by adjusting the latency in steps of 8.

krionius 08-03-03 09:03 AM

thank you for your reply. i have read about somethin like that before, but didnt know where to set it. I found BTTV module has a parameter latency.

Can I set the latency for each of the devices separately, or is it a common property of the PCI devices?

I see a setting in my bios, i will try to modify it. But what about the latency settings of the other cards?

What happens if I set it too high, or too low?

Thanks, again!

krionius 08-03-03 09:34 AM

I tried to set different latecies in BIOS, and for the BTTV module (latency parm). It did not help.

Under Windows the audio driver and the video driver of the card is using different interrupts. (audio 11, video 18) But under linux it uses the same irq (11). Under windows ACPI is enabled.

How can I enable it under Linux? I have ACPI module in kernel 2.4.21 compiled. But it doesnt affects IRQs, when I load it.

How can I use it? Will it help?

What other latencies should I try to modifiy to prevent bttv from freeze? Some hints, please!


krionius 08-03-03 11:59 AM

hi all.

My problem is solved, though I dont know exactly what it was. Latency did not matter.

What mattered is that I recompiled Kernel without APIC support.
When system boots it no longer writes message "Spurious Interrupt 8259A interrupt 7" (It did before)

It is a message generated in a kernel source named /arch/i386/kernel/i8259.c.

It generally should indicate HW error or something. But it hangs my machine when I am using BTTV and this spurious interrupt message happens.

I removed APIC support, no "spurious interrupt" message anymore, and now it doesnt hang at all! (Although this message indicates HW problem, it still does no problem for my pc)

thank u all,

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