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ragejg 11-28-10 07:19 AM

1.4 GHz core HD 5870, 7.0 GHz AMD x4 975
I headed over to Xtremesystems this morning and was looking at the front page... I've seen plenty of benchmark result screenshots and pictures of cooling setups before, but some work by rbauss caught my eye... not only are the results spectacular, but the images... just... wow.


I am happy to won a MOA 2011 America's stage
Crap CPU + Very nice VGA gave me the good result


Pics trying to show how hard is bench alone (feed LN2 bottle, CPU, VGA and monitoring overclocking and temperatures)




I hope i can represent Latin American guys with a good work there...
Congratz to another winners
First off, good job and thumbs up rbauss. :D

He's also working on some AMD CPUs...



... of course, this isn't a gamer OCing to get better game playability, but I have zero qualms with that... Anything that pushes the boundaries of existing technology is cool beans to me. :D

This kinda makes me want to pull my mobo out of its case, steal one of Roadhog's ghetto drink coolers and see what this Asus EVO, x6 and GTX 580 are really capable of... :D

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