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ipnoz 07-31-03 05:51 PM

X take 5 minutes to start
Hi ,

I had install lastest nvidia driver 1.0.4496 , and X take 5 min. to start until the Nvidia logo , after it 's ok .

I saw on the FAQ :

Q: X takes a long time to start (possibly several minutes). What can
I do?

A: Most of the startx delay problems we have found are caused by incorrect
data in video BIOSes about what display devices are possibly connected
or what i2c port should be used for detection. You can work around
these problems with the XF86Config option "IgnoreDisplayDevices"
(please see the description in (app-d) APPENDIX D: XF86CONFIG OPTIONS).
I had put in my /etc/X11/XF86config-4
Option "IgnoreDisplayDevices" "tv , dfp , crt" but it doesn't change any thing .

ipnoz 07-31-03 05:53 PM

1 Attachment(s)
my XF86config-4

ipnoz 07-31-03 05:54 PM

1 Attachment(s)
my /var/log/XFree86.log

stasik 08-01-03 03:43 AM

Option "IgnoreEDID"

ipnoz 08-01-03 07:02 AM


Originally posted by stasik
Option "IgnoreEDID"

I did it , but it don't work

thx for your help

dys 08-01-03 08:22 AM

What distro is it that you are using ???

I use Gentoo and and periodicallly I have to rebuild my font cache after updating certain things (kdelibs, Xfree etc etc) otherwise X takes along time to start.
Perhaps you should try doing this ??

The command i use is fc-cache (could be different in your distro) as root.

Give it a go, it cant hurt :)


ipnoz 08-01-03 08:30 AM

I use MDK 9.1 , I will try u're thing :)

ipnoz 08-01-03 08:40 AM

it doesn't work :cry:

dys 08-01-03 08:49 AM

Has this only happened since 1.0.4496, does it take as long if your roll back to a previous version ???

ipnoz 08-01-03 10:08 AM

It's like this until the 1.0.3123 , I always return to the 3123 because they work , but I try to play ET and Q3 on the 4496 , they are really better :afro:

ipnoz 08-05-03 07:40 PM


gristle 08-07-03 11:51 PM

I'm also getting this problem. X takes 5-15 minutes to start.

My system:

dual AMD Athlon 1800MP
tyan tigerMPX MoBo
nVidia GeForce 3 Ti 200
SB Audigy generic


Redhat 9

using latest nVidia drivers.

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