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Dazz 12-02-10 06:38 PM

Should i wait or buy?
From looking around it is rumoured that the GTX 570 is around the corner but price is yet to be disclosed. My GTX 260 died today, believe it or not i was only viewing web pages when the screen started to cut out then would never come back on. Rebooted the system and the GPU fan would stay on.

Anyway does anyone know when the GTX 570's are coming out? hopefully very soon. It was a tossup with the HD 6870 and a GTX 470. Would have gone with the HD card if it wasn't for the fact when my mate brought with him 4 cards (1 nVidia and 3 ATi) and the only one my motherboard would accept was the nVidia 8600GT, none of the ATi cards would boot in this ASUS P5N-D :(

Do you guys think I should wait for the GTX 570 or just buy a GTX 470 now. I have seen the 470 Twin Frozr II for under £200 (same as a HD 6870) and is kind of tempting, depends on the GTX 570 price however or if the prices on the GTX470 will drop further.

Well I know my GTX 260ís price has not changed much and are still selling for more than a GTX460.

LydianKnight 12-02-10 09:54 PM

Re: Should i wait or buy?
It's like... 4 days before the 570 gets released so... I'd say... wait and compare.

Fotis 12-03-10 12:08 AM

Re: Should i wait or buy?
In the next 2 weeks there will be 3 new cards out(GTX 570-6950-6970) so I say wait a bit.

ATOJAR 12-03-10 12:15 AM

Re: Should i wait or buy?
I would wait my fellow northerner ;)

I have a 260 too, Im waiting unill after Christmas before i upgrade ... Either to a GTX 570/580 depending on the price difference.

Dazz 12-03-10 03:54 AM

Re: Should i wait or buy?
Thanks, 4 days you say. Damn i have seen some good deals today, HD 5870 £190, GTX 470 (£177) HD 6850 & GTX 460 1GB (£140) Looks like they are clearing out their inventory for the new cards.

Intel17 12-03-10 07:01 AM

Re: Should i wait or buy?
I'd take advantage of inventory clearing sales and get a 470. They rock.

Dazz 12-03-10 09:21 AM

Re: Should i wait or buy?
I have been thinking that, i am suspecting that the GTX 570 is going to be priced at £300 about the same as the GTX480 and the GTX580 is currently going for about £400. £300 is a bit much for my pocket, Infact i am going to order the GTX 470, if the GTX 570 is out and is better priced i will just send the GTX470 back and buy the 570.

Dazz 12-03-10 09:59 AM

Re: Should i wait or buy?
Damn they have sent it out already, talk about quick. Business must be slow!

onmikesline 12-03-10 10:32 AM

Re: Should i wait or buy?
its because of the holidays, this month most companys ship asap

LBJM 12-03-10 05:14 PM

Re: Should i wait or buy?
I would wait till the ATI cards are out, so you can get a good price and the best card for your money.

G-Man 12-04-10 05:35 PM

Re: Should i wait or buy?
If I was you i'd wait for the GTX 595 or RADEON 6990, both dual gpu :)

KasuCode 12-04-10 07:45 PM

Re: Should i wait or buy?
id put your video card in the oven and try to fix it.

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