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mojoman0 12-03-10 09:57 PM

Help me get to 3.0 GHz!
I bought this intermediate upgrade a few months ago in the hopes of getting the cpu to 3.0ghz for bfbc2 but I found my mobo/cpu to be atrocious at OC'ing. However I have renewed hopes and would like to get it there. I am currently able to boot at 2.75ghz but cant find the magic voltages to get to 3.0 ghz.

Vid is 1.275

Current settings:

Vcore: 1.31
HT: 1.42
NB: 1.28
SB auto

4-4-4-15 1T

what would be the best way of working my voltages to allow a boot to 3.0 ghz. rig in sig

Bman212121 12-04-10 10:20 AM

Re: Help me get to 3.0 GHz!
Well here are a few suggestions.

Try some more voltage while you are overclocking just to see if you can get stable at all. You can always work your way back down later. From what I've read it sounds like you could go up to 1.4V safely, but I'd say 1.35V max just to play around.

That said, what you should do first is figure out how high you can move the FSB. So what you'll want to do is actually underclock the CPU first by moving the multiplier to it's lowest setting. Guessing that's like 5x or somewhere around there. Then at stock fsb your speed will be around 1667mhz and well below what your cpu can do. Then slowly raise up the FSB until you reach a point where that is no longer stable, and back off a little bit. Guessing you should be able to reach 1600mhz - 1800mhz FSB stable. (400 - 450 in bios) Might need to just try making jumps while doing that as sometimes there are ranges that just won't boot, like around 1450 - 1500mhz fsb. At 1600fsb the cpu is only 2.0ghz using a 5x multiplier. Then when you move the mulitpler back up to 7.5 you would be at 3.0ghz.

Once you find the highest fsb then that gives you an idea of how high you can do with the cpu. Just start bringing the multiplier up 1/2 step at a time and keep testing. I'll add more later but I have to run.

Make sure that your ram isn't being overclocked while you are doing your testing. If anything you want it to be underclocked so you know that ram isn't causing the issue.

Here is a link to someone else's numbers with your board. http://www.overclock.net/intel-mothe...50i-guide.html
Didn't realize you have a 750i chipset, but you might have trouble getting the FSB that high. I simply canot get my 780i over 1520mhz FSB and keep it stable. Think it's all going to come down to if you can get a stable FSB at 1600mhz.

Guessing the HT and NB voltages both might need to go up a hair to reach your target.

mojoman0 12-04-10 03:12 PM

Re: Help me get to 3.0 GHz!
thanks I'll give it a go. Should I keep the voltages the same as now initially? From the reading I've done this mobo Asus P5N-D is not a great OC especially with a quad, but people have been able to get decent results with it. The first time I tried to OC it I couldnt get it to POST with a 1mhz speed increase so it acts very funny or its the swiss cheese of compatible mhz.

mojoman0 12-04-10 06:03 PM

Re: Help me get to 3.0 GHz!
lowest multiplier I can do is 6x

The best fsb I could boot into windows with was 1550 giving me 2.325ghz with 6x multi using these settings

Vcore 1.312
HT 1.42
NB auto
SB auto

Could i get a higher fsb by adjusting these voltages and if so which ones to try first?

Every time I boot now during the mobo screen it tries to do a memory test. I've let it finish before but it still tries to do it every time..

edit: just put the cpu back to 7.5x and I made it into windows @ 2.9ghz, not bad! but no idea if stable. Ram at 775Mhz.

What to do now? Find a stable NB voltage? or NB HT voltage combo?

edit: blue screened, booted fine with NB: 1.30

edit: froze during bc2. set cpu to 1.32 and NB to 1.32

edit: froze again. set NB to 1.34. When I was at 2.75ghz it wouldnt boot unless at 1.28 or below

Bman212121 12-05-10 01:14 AM

Re: Help me get to 3.0 GHz!
Well think of it as two parts. The FSB and the CPU.

The HT and the NB voltages control the ability to overclock the FSB. So anything over 1333mhz is considered an overclock for the FSB.

The CPU is controlled by the vcore. Anything over 2.5ghz CPU speed is considered an overclock. It doesn't matter if you achieve that using 1600mhz FSB with a 6x multi or 1333mhz if it's over 2.5ghz the cpu might need a voltage boost.

What you need to do first is make sure that your computer is stable at 1550mhz FSB with the 6x multi. If that isn't stable then there is no way you'll be able to keep it stable once you hit a higher CPU speed. Run OCCT, prime 95, or Intel Burn in test to see if it will hold those numbers first. If it does then try a 6.5x multi, a 7x multi, then finally the 7.5 multi. Chances are you'll need to increase the Vcore somewhere between going from 6.5 - 7.5. I'm not entirely sure but if you've proven that 1550mhz FSB works you shouldn't need to increase voltages for HT or NB to bring the CPU up.

The thing with these boards is that they have a lot of Vdrop, so even though you set your core at 1.31V in bios it might only post with say 1.29V. There is also Vdroop which is the difference between idle and load conditions so the CPU might drop slightly more yet. It's entirely likely you'll need 1.32V or more to get 2.9ghz stable. As long as your temps are okay when running a stress test you should be okay.

It might even be possible you don't need to increase the voltage of your NB that much to get to 1550mhz. If you've seen before that it likes to be at 1.28V then try those numbers to see if it will post with that. Just keep in mind that you only want to play with one variable at a time. If you change the multiple things at once then you won't know what changes are actually affecting your OC.

Another handy thing to remember is just think about what your doing in percentages. The smaller the change the more likely it will work without having to adjust other things. When playing around with the fsb 50mhz increases aren't too much of a change say 4% or less. 1/2 step on your multipler is about an 8% change. If you go from 6x right to 7.5 that's a 25% increase in clock speed. When trying to get your final clock up you might be able to do 1550 x 7 but not 1550 x 7.5 stable. What you could possibly to is try using a slightly lower FSB like 1512 x 7.5 to cut the increase to the CPU speed to smaller increments. 2710 < 2835 < 2906.

mojoman0 12-05-10 12:17 PM

Re: Help me get to 3.0 GHz!
wow thanks for the great write up bman. I'll put in some more testing later today. I have the Vcore set to like 1.5 in the BIOS which equates to like 1.32 in windows, pretty big vdrop. Is 1.5 okay? Seems I don't have a choice. Also, I was able to do a pencil mod I read about and now my Vdroop is practically non existant according to OCCT!

Any idea why its trying to run a memory test every time I boot? It also beeps a second time just before the w7 load screen...odd

Bman212121 12-05-10 05:25 PM

Re: Help me get to 3.0 GHz!

Originally Posted by mojoman0 (Post 2359877)
wow thanks for the great write up bman. I'll put in some more testing later today. I have the Vcore set to like 1.5 in the BIOS which equates to like 1.32 in windows, pretty big vdrop. Is 1.5 okay? Seems I don't have a choice. Also, I was able to do a pencil mod I read about and now my Vdroop is practically non existant according to OCCT!

Any idea why its trying to run a memory test every time I boot? It also beeps a second time just before the w7 load screen...odd

It's possible that your settings were put back to fail safe settings when an OC didn't post. There is an option under Advanced chipset features, NVMEM memory Test. You can change that to slow, medium, fast, or disable. Not sure about the 2nd beep.

I'd say your vcore might be a little high. Assuming that's in the "red" if your voltages are colored. Seems to me it shouldn't be crossing 1.4V in the bios. But the main thing to be concerned about is what kind of temps it is producing with that voltage. The thing is many people will say what they feel is in the "safe zone" but really when you're OC'ing there is always a chance to break something. Just thing of that in terms of percentage and that will kind of give you a clue as to how much more you're running. That is about an 18% increase over stock, so it might be a little much.

mojoman0 12-05-10 06:44 PM

Re: Help me get to 3.0 GHz!
oh my bad Vcore in bios is 1.35 not 1.5, in cpuz 1.312. I think I'll go back and try to get the fsb to 1600 or so with low cpu multi and focus on the HT and NB voltages. I found quick boot was somehow disabled so I enabled and it got rid of the mem test.

Currently idle at 2.9ghz Everest gives me 55C cpu, but each individual core at 43
Full load with occt got to mid 60's. Will try dropping cpu voltage

just made it into windows at 1570, blue screened first so had to bump NB up a bit. Will try to creep higher to 1600

Now at:
Vcore: 1.31
HT: 1.42
NB: 1.36
SB: auto

Bman212121 12-05-10 07:38 PM

Re: Help me get to 3.0 GHz!
Nice. Temps look good too. Running OCCT as long as you're below 65C - 70C it really shouldn't be an issue because under normal load you won't get anywhere near that.

If you're only 1.35V in the bios that is perfectly fine. I think you could push if you 1.4V if you really wanted, but 1.35V is probably a safe max.

mojoman0 12-05-10 09:25 PM

Re: Help me get to 3.0 GHz!
trouble getting past 1570. Keeps freezing in BIOS and it scares me. Any idea what safe voltage thresholds for HT and NB should be?

Bman212121 12-05-10 10:00 PM

Re: Help me get to 3.0 GHz!
I'm honestly not too sure about your board. You could always just try using auto settings and see if you can get there. Believe it or not you can usually get a decent OC by letting the board deal with it. Guessing you're either hitting another big FSB hole around there or your board just doesn't like that high of a FSB. You can try just going to 1600mhz and if it that works. If not then it just might not happen. I know I can get 1600mhz FSB, but in no way is the computer stable.

If you're freezing in the BIOS then you are probably really unstable. Chances are you might need a decent amount more voltage to keep it stable. I know in that thread someone said they were running 1.5V HT. I'm guessing that is probably getting toward the high side, but might not be out of question. Have to maybe do a little more digging for 750i overclocking threads.

Here is a good little quote from someone


On a 8x multi you can go 50 safely 1333-1350-1400-1450-
And run at least a good 1-2hr cpu test of OCCT.... When it fails bump the voltage up a bit

Sorry for the long drawn out instructions, just felt we could use it here...
You might actually want to go back down a bit and make sure that you're completely stable before moving on. If you have been writing down numbers or saving settings you can default back to what you know works. Make sure that at 1550mhz you are completely stable, then try 1570mhz and play around with minor changes of the voltages to figure out which one it needs. The trick is to make small changes and creep your way up. Unfortunately it's also the worst part because it can be tedious and consume a lot of time.

mojoman0 12-06-10 04:05 PM

Re: Help me get to 3.0 GHz!
yea I had some stability issues at 1560 and above, and couldnt post anywhere near 1600, so I think ill stick at 1550 for the time being. I've been running some occt tests to get it stable and havent really had issues yet so I may be at 2.9ghz for awhile unless I get the itch to push it higher. It seems some guys have been pushing the voltages pretty high but dunno if I wanna risk it. I found a huge thread about this mobo too. Thanks bman!


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