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Strahd 12-09-10 06:23 PM

Nvidia HDMI and SLI
Does anyone know if the HDMI outputs SLI or is that just DVI on the Nvidia cards?

LydianKnight 12-10-10 10:47 PM

Re: Nvidia HDMI and SLI
It's an incorrect question (or expressed very bad) but I'll give you a correct answer:

BOTH, and I mean... if you're using a single screen scheme (at least, I don't know what happens under a 2-screen configuration), it doesn't matter whether you're using DVI or HDMI. The advantage of HDMI is it can also carry the audio signal, while DVI is specific to the video signal.

The usual rule of thumb is to plug the cable (and I remark: DVI or HDMI, doesn't matter which one you choose) in the first graphics card and you're good to go ;)

Strahd 12-11-10 11:34 AM

Re: Nvidia HDMI and SLI
I'm not sure how it was expressed bad, maybe it made perfect sense in my own mind :P Basically I just wanted to know if the HDMI port on the back of the video card would work with SLI or was that output specific to DVI only. Since video is rendered by my two cards, I was afraid it's output would only be DVI. I know the difference between HDMI and DVI, and I could care less about the sound part.

I'll make sure my new monitor has both just in case even though you answered my question. I was just hoping that someone had already did or tried this and they could say if it worked or not.

Did that make better sense?

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