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Technoholic 12-12-10 12:59 PM

Edge-Lit vs Backlit/Full Array LED
Didn't know those two type of LED would make a difference. They do.


  • The Edge Lit is skinnier then the Backlit and less expensive.
  • Although the Edge Lit is less expensive the picture quality is no where near as good as the Backlit.
  • The Backlit has lights behind the screen while the Edge Lit has them around the screen, thus making the Edge Lit quality worse.
  • The Backlit is thicket and more expensive because of the local dimming that comes along with it.
  • The Edge Lit can be as skinny as 1.2 or less while the Backlit can be as big as 5.0 or more in come cases.

As you seen in other thread, a killer price for a 42" Vizio LED TV. I pulled the trigger. So far, I'm happy. I'm no expert in reviewing TVs though. So far, it's good. I'm not picky in perfection. But after realizing that there are two Razor LED. Full Array or TruHD and Edge Lit, I decided to research and did not know there were differences by this much.

Is Full Array hard to find? Because there are a lot of Edge Lit LED TV's out there. Reason I'm bringing this up is because my parents want something in the 50s for a LED TV. They have a budget around $1,500. Don't want Samsung unless price is right, I think. I just want to make sure I make the right choice.

What are your opinions on two type of LEDs?

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