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cneller 12-15-10 01:44 PM

RHEL Automatic Updates

I have nVidia drivers working great on my RHEL 5.2 systems. I would like to enable the automatic updates for the systems, but if I do, kernel updates basically invalidate my driver (I have to recompile the drivers to get back to a desktop).

Is there any way around this? Any way I can detect when the kernel does not match the current driver and automatically recompile it without user interaction?

Many Thanks,

artem 12-15-10 02:00 PM

Re: RHEL Automatic Updates
Uninstall NVIDIA drivers, install ATrpms repo (http://atrpms.net/), install their drivers.

Google doesn't work for you, or what?

cneller 12-15-10 04:57 PM

Re: RHEL Automatic Updates
Thanks artem, I've got the drivers installed with atrpms now. We'll see at the next kernel update how it does.

Google works -- atrpms.net must not have good matching.


kwizart 12-16-10 02:37 AM

Re: RHEL Automatic Updates
I would better promote elrepo.org
Specially as their package implements kABI (kernel ABI) which is exactly the answear for your particular question.
Is short, if the kernel doesn't change much, which is the case for EL kernel, you can still use the previous nvidia.ko for the updated kernel without compilation.
If some binary compatibility has changed somehow, this is tracked and a new kernel module is issued.

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