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redigjohn 09-06-02 10:39 AM

Closing Xwindows, RH73, for installing nV drivers
I have several books on linux, but haven't used linux for more than a week in my life, i am a newbie... Anywayz the nV sites says:
"Before beginning the driver installation, you should exit the X server. In addition you should set your default run level so you will boot to console and not start up X"

How do i do that, and how do i set my runlevel so it won't load up on my next login? Im running the newest KDE...

Any help would be great, and can you refer me to any good linux newbie forums plz, thnx


ps. i have the correct RPMS for installation... would you recommend installing for src?

matze42 09-06-02 11:26 AM


on RedHat the runlevel with graphical login is 5. You can change the runlevel with "init 3" as root in a shell. 3 is the "normal" runlevel without graphical login...

If you want to change default runlevel permanently, edit the file /etc/inittab and look for the line:


Change the 5 to a 3...

good luck!

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