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six_storm 12-19-10 01:46 PM

XBMC 10 Dharma Released

I'm hearing good things so far from this release. Add-ons are not such a PITA and you can install them directly from XBMC. This is the one thing that Boxee had over XBMC, but it the add-ons are easy to install, then I'm going back to XBMC.

I'm also going to experiment a little and try out the XBMC Live edition on a USB drive. Anyone else using XBMC Live?

six_storm 12-21-10 06:48 PM

Re: XBMC 10 Dharma Released
USB drive idea didn't work like I planned, so I decided to install XBMC Live on my 36GB Raptor drive.

If you have a HTPC or are considering building one, go with XBMC Live. WMC Remote works right out of the box and with the additions of the add-on browser, it makes the best Media Center hub.

If you have any questions, I've pretty much tried it out so ask me! :D

Drolfrawd 12-21-10 06:52 PM

Re: XBMC 10 Dharma Released
Good work six

Carry On

t3hl33td4rg0n 12-21-10 08:52 PM

Re: XBMC 10 Dharma Released
I'm gonna be installing Fedora 14 this weekend, so I'm definitely checking this out

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