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Zapablast05 12-22-10 04:00 PM

Samsung BD-P1590 issues!
What's up everyone? So I bought this Blu-Ray player almost a year ago and I never had any problems with it at all... Up until now. I just bought The Pacific on Blu-Ray this weekend and started watching it on my 80GB PS3 back on base. I'm currently sitting in front of my TV, looking through this player's settings, wondering why it's not playing my miniseries! When I first popped the disk in (about 2 hours ago), it loaded up the disk and the show's loading bar came up. I was ready to enjoy it. But then the player spits it back out saying it's unable to play the disk. I don't know why it's doing that. I updated the player to the latest firmware I can find (2.13) and tried again. Is this just a compatibility issue that Blu-Ray has been having with certain titles? It plays perfectly fine on my PS3 (it hasn't had a FW update since...maybe July 2009) so I assumed it would work fine on my Samsung player. This is really disconcerting seeing that my PS3 that out dates my Blu-Ray player can play The Pacific and the player wont. This is really hindering the ability for me to further enjoy the miniseries that I sought to watch since I got back from my deployment! Can anyone please help me?

Zapablast05 12-22-10 08:28 PM

Re: Samsung BD-P1590 issues!
For the record if it matters, my Blu-Ray player is hooked up through a Sony STR-KS2300 receiver.

Zapablast05 12-23-10 12:00 AM

Re: Samsung BD-P1590 issues!
Come on guys, 50 views and no help?

betterdan 12-23-10 12:09 AM

Re: Samsung BD-P1590 issues!
Did you try disabling BD Live like someone suggested on AVS Forum? Mike-tee gave you the directions on how to do it over there.


In your setup menu, go to Network and where it says BD-Live connection, select prohibit. The disks may be looking for a BD-Live connection and that may be why you keep hearing the player scanning. Keep in mind that the 1590 requires an external USB drive to access BD-Live, so if you don't have one in the player, that will cause problems with some movies. That's why I suggested disabling BD-Live, BD-Live sucks anyway.

Nothing to lose, so give it a shot. Otherwise, just see if you can exchange out the Pacific for a new set of disks. Good luck.

Zapablast05 12-23-10 01:38 AM

Re: Samsung BD-P1590 issues!

Originally Posted by betterdan (Post 2369088)
Did you try disabling BD Live like someone suggested on AVS Forum? Mike-tee gave you the directions on how to do it over there.

Yeah, I tried everything I can think of. I registered to that forum and it didn't help. I was hoping I would get it solved.

betterdan 12-23-10 01:56 AM

Re: Samsung BD-P1590 issues!
That's one thing I don't like about blu ray, it doesn't seem like a finished and proven product. Too many problems like this I hear of on the net. I have been lucky so far and haven't had a problem with our Sony blu ray player but then again I don't own or rent a whole lot of blu rays right now.

Zapablast05 12-23-10 01:58 AM

Re: Samsung BD-P1590 issues!
See, I never had a problem at all with any of the blu rays I bought. The Pacific seems to be the exception for some reason and that's annoying me.

betterdan 12-23-10 02:03 AM

Re: Samsung BD-P1590 issues!
I don't blame you for being annoyed. I want the Twilight Zone series on blu ray but I hear similar issues like you are having with the season 1 box set. I would be mad as hell if I bought it and it wouldn't play. I am holding off till I hear word it is fixed.

Zapablast05 12-23-10 02:07 AM

Re: Samsung BD-P1590 issues!
Good thing I have a PS3 to watch it though. I was looking forward to watching it here at home in the living room TV instead of my small 32" tv on base.

Starscream 12-23-10 06:26 AM

Re: Samsung BD-P1590 issues!
Call Samsung and find out if there's a compatibility issue with your player and that show. If there isn't you'll probably have to send it in to them to get it repaired if it's still in warranty.

Zapablast05 12-23-10 02:29 PM

Re: Samsung BD-P1590 issues!
I'll check with them asap.

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