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tornadog 01-03-11 05:52 PM

mpc-hc tutorial confusion
I followed this tutorial to setup mpc-hc on my pc which is connected to my pioneer avr and then to my samsung plasma tv.


When I play a dts or DD signal, it keeps showing PCM on my pioneer display, instead of DTS or DD. If I switch my audio rendered in mpc to Pioneer AVR instead of reclock(as suggested in tutorial), then I can see DD and DTS. But when I play a dts-hd source, I get no audio in this case.

Is this how its supposed to be?

turdhat 02-21-11 02:01 PM

Re: mpc-hc tutorial confusion
Not sure what is causing this. I do know that Multi channel pcm is lossless so should not be getting any perceivable quality loss. Are you running HDMI out from vid card to receiver ? Some cards wont pass DTS-HD or Dolby hd at all and some like mine pass them as 6 ch PCM which is fine. I have an older ps3 that sends DTS-HD out as 6ch PCM. I read a lot about this when I was trying to figure out why my receiver wasnt switching in to DTS-HD mode and found that older ps3 systems do this but that you would need an oscilloscope to detect a difference. This was in an audiophile forum with some very knowledgeable people over as avsforum.com.

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