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candle_86 01-08-11 07:03 PM

Upgrade to what lol
Ok so I got brought this PC today, its older but not total trash.

Athlon FX-53
1gb DDR400
Geforce FX5500 256mb AGP

Its in a Compaq X and has a 500w Enermax PSU. But no PCIe plugs, Board is MSI Nforce3 250GB board, so taht rules out Geforce 68xx cards due to the bug they never fixed.

But this guy wants an upgrade for it, he says it struggles a bit in WoW and he really wants to play CoD MW2 with his son. So what do ya suggest for him. Budget is 75 bucks.

Intel17 01-09-11 03:16 AM

Re: Upgrade to what lol
7800GS AGP + 4gb ram

XDanger 01-09-11 06:11 AM

Re: Upgrade to what lol
AGP HD 4650 or even better an HD 3850 if you can find one for cheap but you'd be unable to add more ram at that budget unless you sell the FX5500 on eBay or swap it for ram or something.
x64 OS???


Crysis benchmarks

OCíng and changing the TIM goes without saying....

Whats the best cooler you can put on the CPU? Is the CPU even OC'able?

bob saget 01-09-11 11:58 AM

Re: Upgrade to what lol

candle_86 01-09-11 03:44 PM

Re: Upgrade to what lol
i dont want to introduce a major bottleneck for this guy, can a 2.4ghz Single Core Athlon64 drive a 4650 or 3850 AGP without choking to such a degree Id see the same preformance with a7800GS or 7600GT AGP card?

Its XP Pro

ViN86 01-09-11 04:28 PM

Upgrade the video card to a 7800 and put an X2 3800 in it. I use a 7950 and an X2 4400 in my old machine and MW2 runs fine.

candle_86 01-09-11 06:05 PM

Re: Upgrade to what lol
id love to do that for him but Compaq never updated the bios for Athlon 64 X2. I have a used X2 4200 939 i tried to put in there, no boot, no bios update, so the best chip would be an FX-5 or the ES FX-59 of which 2 exist lol

onmikesline 01-09-11 07:47 PM

Re: Upgrade to what lol
this would work


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