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john19055 01-08-11 07:26 PM

On the GTX 470 mini-HDMI
If I hook this up to my HDTV will I get the sound as well as the picture and does it work just like the DVI plug,but with sound.

Bearclaw 01-08-11 08:24 PM

Re: On the GTX 470 mini-HDMI
It will/does but you need to install the sound driver for it.

SLippe 01-08-11 11:39 PM

Re: On the GTX 470 mini-HDMI
Yes, you will have sound as long as you install the HD Audio Driver and enable it under the Resolution setting in the NV Control Panel. I use an HDTV as a monitor and switch it back and forth, because my headphones won't work from my soundcard when it's enabled.

john19055 01-09-11 01:13 AM

Re: On the GTX 470 mini-HDMI
Is a mini HDMI and a micro HDMI the same thing and does the GTX 470 use a mini or micro HMDI.Plus do you need you sound card when this is hooked up .

wheeljack12 01-09-11 01:12 PM

Re: On the GTX 470 mini-HDMI
I know what a mini hdmi is and that is what is on gtx 4XX and gtx 5xx cards. Just the revision of HDMI is different. most gtx 4xx cards are 1.3a and gtx 5xx cards are 1.4. The 1.4 revision will only come in handy for 3dtv's as 1.3a handles everything else. I am not sure what micro hdmi is but I would guess it's smaller than mini if it exists. As for sound, your video card is supplying the sound when hooked up to a HDTV via HDMI. Like everyone else said, make sure your nvidia high def sound drivers are installed before connecting the pc to the tv. Your XFI card is not needed for HDTV connection although I would keep it installed if you are going to constantly switching between pc monitor and HDTV pc use. When set up properly, Nvidia control panel or windows (not sure which one) will switch between using the graphics card via hdmi for hdtv and sound card for regular pc use when either is needed. Please read the other posts too. They have more detailed info.

john19055 01-12-11 02:32 AM

Re: On the GTX 470 mini-HDMI
There are two different sizes micro is smaller then the mini I was going to run it though my AV reciever I hope it will work like I want it to so my sound will come though my AV reciever,and go to my main home speaker because I don't want two set of speakers for my PC.

john19055 01-22-11 12:37 AM

Re: On the GTX 470 mini-HDMI
I did'nt know they had three different sizes in HDMI .I got one at amazon for $6.95 and it works perfect .I wanted it so I could hook it up to my AV reciever so I can just use my LG HDTV for everthing.

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