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News 01-11-11 05:30 PM

Death Of The Mouse?
Intel's Bob Duffy has posted the following on his blog: "At CES something caught me, I found it very difficult to find a computer mouse. Not that I wanted one, but as I went from booth to booth, demo to demo, the mouse was like an unwanted dinner guest, nobody told it to come. Game controllers, remote controllers, touch devices, and track pads were are there, but mouse was a no show. I was even tempted to create a contest... "find a mouse at CES"

I don't think this is by accident. CES shows off the latest and greatest technology. It's a window into our future and when it comes down to it, I don't think the mouse has much of a future, on ANY device. Will today's toddlers grow up and see old screencast videos from YouTube with a strange arrow that moves across a computer screen and wonder, "what the heck is that?"

I discussed this with a few people at CES and it generated some interesting conversations. Why do we have a mouse? Do we need a mouse? Could you have any application today with some tweaking and alternative input and go mouse free. Are there advantages of a mouse we can't get away from? (aka not needing to watch your hand, or crowd your viewing experience)

From a developer point of view I think this is an interesting challenge. Should you code any application for any device to be mouse free. Is there any situation, a task, a vertical environment that absolutely requires a mouse and a hover state. Could touch, tap, gesture, swipe, motion controllers and hand held remotes fill in all gaps? Is it time for the mouse to go?"


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