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t3hl33td4rg0n 01-13-11 02:25 PM

Got my new phone!
2nd smallest android phone on the market lol! 2nd only to the same model that has no slideout keyboard.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini


Video Review.

So far I like it, Sony has a custom UI for Android that works very well. So far everything is running smoothly.

- Capacitive touch screen.
- Smaller, compact, but not a hindrance. Fits nicely in the hand, typing single handed on the keyboard is easy.
- Interface is very smooth and responsive. Custom UI is intuitive.
- Camera takes very nice pictures for a phone, 5MP (will post later). Video does VGA @ 30fps.
- Audio playback sounds very nice for a phone, and can be quite loud.

- Only Android 2.1. No official upgrade to 2.2+
- Only flash lite support (someone has an app for Flash 10.1 support for this phone, so easy workaround)
- No multi-touch support yet, Sony is working on it though.

zoomy942 01-13-11 02:37 PM

Re: Got my new phone!
nice! Love the size!

t3hl33td4rg0n 01-13-11 04:01 PM

Re: Got my new phone!
Here is a random pic I took with the camera. Used default settings.

I'll do a video of something later.


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