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Elvin Presler 01-13-11 02:55 PM

GTX 460 Defective, or nature of the beast?

I have that MSI model GTX 460 and have a strange issue with it. I'll describe the problem best I can and you tell me if you know what could cause it or if you've ever had a similar issue.

The moment I got it, I uninstalled my ATI HD 4890 drivers as cleanly as I could, reboot, etc, then installed the new 460. I installed Nvidia's official 260.99 drivers and rebooted. When Windows began to load I saw what I can only describe as dotted lines covering the entire screen. I could see the desktop through them and they seemed to move or disappear in spots as I moved the cursor around. The screen resolution was low and it looked like 16 bit color as if no driver had loaded. I rebooted and the drivers loaded up and all worked fine so I discounted it as ATI leftovers interfering or just a "glitch in the matrix".

Then I reinstalled Windows 7 x64 clean and went with the MSI 259.22 drivers. Long story short, it's been 3 weeks and in that time this has happened 3 more times. Rebooting has fixed it every time so far. This has never happened during use, meaning it happens while booting or it does not happen. I do see artifacts/corruption in the post screen as well when it happens, so this is not driver related. A series of dashes or the like that doesn't belong there between text.

Other than that the card works perfect. I don't over clock anything. The card runs nice and cool. Runs games fine, ran Unigine benchmark fine. So I am tempted to RMA it while I can, but really hate to RMA things. Anyone know what may cause this? Would you RMA it or just reboot once or twice a week when it occurs and forget it unless it gets worse?

DiscipleDOC 01-13-11 03:31 PM

Re: GTX 460 Defective, or nature of the beast?
Hmmm....it does sound like a defective card. I was going to say that it could be a driver issue, then I read that you did a clean install.

Have you thought about doing an RMA?

Elvin Presler 01-13-11 03:57 PM

Re: GTX 460 Defective, or nature of the beast?
Yeah. That's what I'm on the fence about, whether to RMA or not before my 60 day Newegg return runs out. No way I want to wait and have to RMA it to MSI and get some broken, previously overclocked to death refurb or turned around reject someone else RMA'ed before me when I just paid for a brand new card.

It's just that it has only happened 4 times in 3 weeks, with near constant daily use, and only occurred during boot up, not while in use. It makes me think it's not so much "defective" as maybe needing a bios fix or something.

Revs 01-13-11 04:27 PM

Re: GTX 460 Defective, or nature of the beast?
You able to try it in another rig for a day or two?

Elvin Presler 01-13-11 05:02 PM

Re: GTX 460 Defective, or nature of the beast?
No, my second rig is old with AGP. Besides that, it may take a week or more to get it to mess up. It has only done it 4 times total in the 3 weeks I've been using it. And that is with heavy use, and lots of rebooting while installing and tweaking windows several times.

This is why I am hesitant to just call it defective and ship it out. I have had defective cards many times before and they generally got much worse, very quickly once they went bad or had symptoms of artifacts or corruption all the time. This one just messed up at specific times and is working great otherwise. I'm just afraid it is going to go to @#$% on me 1 day after return policy expires.

I've been running benchmarks and stability tests with MSI's Afterburner and Kombuster apps, even overclocked it a bit and can not get it to mess up.

EDIT: Bah RMA'ed it. Tried the other DVI port and had it boot up once with my monitor saying "No Display".

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