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Aslugg 01-19-11 09:10 PM

GT220 and Windows 7 problems
Hi everyone,

Just last week I bought a gt220 graphics card - it was pretty cheap - hoping it would suit my needs (something better than my gpu). I built a computer recently, ASUS mobo, AMD chipset, 4gig ram, all pretty cheap. I can get the models if you need them. Also, windows 7.

I am at the point right now where I have installed the graphics card, went into safe mode and loaded drivers from the installation CD it came with, and after this I reset the computer. On startup - I see the ASUS mobo screen, it continues on to the Windows loading screen, and as soon as the windows icon starts to appear (the 4 colored flag), the computer resets. It then prompts me to either run a startup check or continue to load windows normally.

-If I run the startup check, it tells me that there is an issue with a bad driver but windows cannot do anything to correct this.
-If I choose to continue to load windows normally, I get to the exact same point, and windows resets.

I have however got windows to load successfully once however, I was able to play a video game and things ran fine. But, I have tried to start windows about 30 times now, always resets at the same point.

I Have tried to install the drivers from the website, CD, and with windows automatic update. Every time when I try to turn the computer on, it gets to the windows loading screen and resets.

If I pull the card out and run off the mobo, things work fine.

I'm lost, all help is appreciated.

[AK]Zip 01-21-11 01:38 AM

Re: GT220 and Windows 7 problems
Why did you install the graphics driver in safe mode? Also don't use drivers from the CD. Download the latest online.

Aslugg 01-22-11 04:42 PM

Re: GT220 and Windows 7 problems
I attempted to install them in safe mode because nothing else was working at the time. Was trying different things to see if I could get lucky. Whether I install them from the CD or the latest ones off the internet, nothing will work.

I read elsewhere that gt220's had driver compatibility issues with windows 7, I didn't know if that was true so I borrowed my friends GTS450 to just try another card. Just reinstalled windows (I Have nothing on my computer as it is, i just wanted to do everything completely fresh so I reinstalled it), Everything was working fine. I disable the display adapter in device manager, turn the computer off to put the gts450 in, boot up, and go on the internet to install latest drivers. It installed successfully so I reset the computer, and same thing it freezes and resets at the windows loading screen.

I installed version 266.58 WHQL btw. Where should I go from here? Thanks

Aslugg 01-22-11 11:52 PM

Re: GT220 and Windows 7 problems
So, just for fun I decided to pull out 1 stick of RAM at a time and see if anything happens, and i'm pretty sure one of the sticks is bad. Loaded drivers fine, windows finally installing fine, everything seems to be okay (knock on wood).

I feel really stupid I didn't try this earlier haha, but I have ran memory diagnostics a couple of times and each time it told me things were working fine. Is it possible for a memory diagnostic to miss something that is wrong with a stick of ram? I probably static shocked it :/

=assassin= 01-26-11 04:43 PM

Re: GT220 and Windows 7 problems
With everything installed now, you could always try putting the same stick back in again and see if the problem occurs again. Seems odd you'd get a problem now after it working alright before adding the new card. Is your PSU good enough?

nekrosoft13 01-26-11 04:53 PM

Re: GT220 and Windows 7 problems
stick of ram could be bad, but also a slight chance the DIMM slot could be bad.

replace the suspicious bad stick with the one that is currently working

if every works, then dimm slot is bad
if there are issues, then ram is bad

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