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Rogozhin 01-20-11 08:28 PM

With the subs doesn't sound as nice as being placed across the front stage. (nana2)


Rogozhin 01-21-11 09:01 PM

Re: Co-location
No thoughts? Or all of you just a bunch of wankers? :D

Redeemed 01-21-11 09:40 PM

Re: Co-location
Lacks mannequins.

/not impressed.


betterdan 01-22-11 02:21 AM

Re: Co-location
Yea, please add more mannequins then come back sir.

Stoneyguy 01-22-11 07:07 AM

Re: Co-location
There's not even a miniature mannequin. WTF?

betterdan 01-22-11 05:50 PM

Re: Co-location
Well did you go pick up any miniature mannequins today? If so we need pics... in black and white preferably.


Rogozhin 01-22-11 06:05 PM

Re: Co-location

Redeemed 01-22-11 06:13 PM

Re: Co-location

betterdan 01-22-11 08:18 PM

Re: Co-location
Well I did ask for black and white but still, you did good sir :thumbsup:

Stoneyguy 01-23-11 01:41 PM

Re: Co-location
Now your talking!

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