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ATOJAR 01-21-11 07:05 AM

"GOOD Edition"
So it came to shipping my card that i RMA'd and they(overclockers)had no Gigabyte GTX 580 cards in stock, On a good note they upgraded me to a Gainward GeForce GTX 580 "GOOD Edition" 1536MB GDDR5 card free of charge ... I'm happy with that.

Runs cooler, Quieter and its faster ... Looks pretty bad-ass too.

At first i though "GOOD Edition" ... What sort of a name is that .. It actually stands for "Gainward Optimized Own Design" ... Its to do with the cooling heatsink i think.

Anyways does anybody else here own a Gainward GTX 580 "GOOD Edition" card? ..... How does it run? Temps etc? ... Most important .. How well does it overclock? :D



Greedo 01-21-11 09:27 AM

Re: "GOOD Edition"
looks GOOD.

grey_1 01-21-11 10:26 AM

Re: "GOOD Edition"
That's fantastic - free upgrade ftw! :)

Let us know your impressions - I don't think we can get Gainward in the states, but I hear they're a great company.

ATOJAR 01-23-11 04:29 PM

Re: "GOOD Edition"
Well hopefully my new card comes tomorrow. (nana2)

Ill post idle/load temps .... The cooler looks quite decent so hopefully it should give me some extra overclocking headroom.

Btw ... Its been a while since ive used a 3rd part app to overclock, Whats the best tool out now for overclocking?

RivaTuner? MSI AfterBurner? EVGA Precision? .... Or something else?

Sazar 01-23-11 04:40 PM

Re: "GOOD Edition"
You can use whatever tool for overclocking, they are all good I think. I do like the EVGA precision tool for it's ability to output clocks and temperature and VRAM usage to your logitech LCD on the keyboard :)

ATOJAR 01-23-11 04:43 PM

Re: "GOOD Edition"
Sweet, Thanks ...... Whats the best thing for testing for stable overclocks ATM?

FurMark, ATITool or again something else?

AntaresDC 01-24-11 03:31 AM

Re: "GOOD Edition"
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GOOD card bro! I've got the same one from a local retailer and except for the ugly sticker, it's really great - from temps to lack of noise.

Will see how much does it overclock, haven't tried yet. It idles at 35-37 C w/ fans @ 30% (22-23 C room temp) and it doesn't break over 60 C in the games currently installed - Fallout NV, COD BO, NFS Shift, Borderlands. Those 3D temps are achieved with a fan speed of 40 to 45%. My previous GTX480 was iddling @ 40-42 C with fan @ 50%.

Didn't get to o/c yet... but for oc stability use 5-6 runs of Vantage/Unigine and play some heavy loading games such as Crysis. On my old gtx480 the COD Modern Warfare 1 was freezing if the oc was unstable. Not sure how effective are OCCT/Furmark since the GTX 5xx will downclock when running those - or find a version of those apps that are not detected & bypassed by nvidia drivers.

What's your VID? Find it with MSI Afterburner 2.1 Beta 6 - the default voltage for 3D mode.

ATOJAR 01-24-11 04:30 AM

Re: "GOOD Edition"

Originally Posted by AntaresDC (Post 2382436)
Not sure how effective are OCCT/Furmark since the GTX 5xx will downclock when running those

Hmm, Didnt know that .... Thanks.

ATOJAR 01-24-11 03:02 PM

Re: "GOOD Edition"
Well the card is installed and running fine. :D

Seems the average idle temp for this card is around 37c .. That's with stock/auto(30%)fan speed.

Aint checked the load temps yet.

AntaresDC 01-25-11 02:01 AM

Re: "GOOD Edition"
Good job :) Idle temps look fine, just like my card's. I don't have a very demanding game installed to see how high the temps will go. Crysis is still king for card heating, along with Metro 2033.

I have also tried custom fan profile in MSI AB, and with fans @ around 50-54% (controlled by AB) the card stays in the 50-52 C while in Fallout NV - but then again that game doesn't put too much load on the GPU.

Coming weekend will "play" some more with other apps.

ATOJAR 01-25-11 03:37 PM

Re: "GOOD Edition"
Is there anyway to unlink the clock core & shader clock in Afterburner 2.1 Beta 6?

AntaresDC 01-26-11 01:58 AM

Re: "GOOD Edition"

Originally Posted by ATOJAR (Post 2383224)
Is there anyway to unlink the clock core & shader clock in Afterburner 2.1 Beta 6?

Nope... they're linked to each other by default - it's how the nvidia GPU works... there isn't any app that will let you do that because those clocked are tied themselves by nVidia's will :).

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