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Lickedy 01-22-11 09:55 PM

Card Change with a friend

I have a question i have a 2 year old Gainward GTX 275 896 MBDDR3. A friend of me bought a EVGA GTX 460 for 2 month now. He has problems with this card, cause he have a dual core and im havin a quad core cpu.

So he wants that we change cards o.O

Im interested in changing my gtx 275 to this EVGA GTX 460 - 1024 MB DDR5

but is the gtx 460 really better than my gtx 275 cause., my card has 2 fans and his only 1.

this is the evga card: http://www.evga.com/products/moreInf...s%20Family&sw=

and this my old gtx 275: http://www.gainward.com/main/vgapro.php?id=376

and his card is smaller... not so long and big then my card...

please help me...

Madpistol 01-23-11 12:39 PM

Re: Card Change with a friend
The GTX 460 would be an upgrade in power usage (GTX 460 uses less) and the gTX 460 is also a smaller card. As far as performance goes, the GTX 460 1GB is about on par with a GTX 285, so it would be an upgrade from the GTX 275. Also remember that you get DX11 capabilities with the GTX 460 too, and that's worth something.

Not sure why he wants to trade, but I'd do it. :)

Lickedy 01-24-11 03:45 PM

Re: Card Change with a friend
I have the card. now. this card is not noisy...

my card was so loud... XD


and performance is nice... :D

thats right now my card... haha... cant believe...

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