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Theasker 01-28-11 06:24 AM

[xorg-1.9.3 & nvidia-drivers 260] Monitor "out of range"
In this forum i've asked for my problem with de nvidia drivers >= 260.

I think it's a bug in nvidia drivers with my graphics card and xorg-1.9.3 and do not know how to fix it. You may change the nouveau free drivers, but I would stick with nvidia-drivers.

thx in advance

bignand 02-22-11 05:12 PM

Re: [xorg-1.9.3 & nvidia-drivers 260] Monitor "out of range"
HI I've the same issue.. the solution is simple: you have to force the connected output that you are using. I've found the same issue and I have resolved with:

Option "ConnectedMonitor" "CRT-1"

If I don't use it it seem that the board found the CRT monitor on channel 0, it's enable the crt-0 output, but the signal are routed to DVI analog pins, instead of DB15 pins.

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