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thecozz21 01-31-11 11:55 AM

i need some help my laptop (hp pavilion dv6 us1030) processor accourding to my monitor is running at 50% at idle and will sometimes go up to 100% and everything will run really slow any ideas why this is and how to fix it because when i first got this computer it would run at like 5% normal then when i would do anything like play a game or run my anti virus it would go up alot please help me

grey_1 01-31-11 01:03 PM

Re: help
You have something running in the back ground that's using heavy resources.

Disable everything that's set to start with windows and check usage. Re-enable them one at a time until the offender shows up. I'd bet it's anti virus related.

Redeemed 01-31-11 07:13 PM

Re: help
Right-click on the Taskbar and select "Task Manager". Open the "Processes" tab. See which process is eating up all those cpu cycles.

Are you running XP, Vista, or 7? Going off that model number it's likely Vista or 7. Under 7 I've had an issue with the "wmpntwk" process where it just eats your memory- thus causing your system to crawl. It's a process related to sharing media over the homegroup via WMP or WMC. Disabling it in MSCONFIG solved the problem. Wonder if yours is related.

thecozz21 02-01-11 10:51 AM

Re: help
done that and my highest offenders are yahoo msngr at 47392, steam at 29248, hp media smart at 22648, desktop window manager at 16632, and win explorer and 13188
but normally yhaoo is not that high my anti virus surprising is running at 1768 im running vista 64 bit op

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