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Stephen Warren 02-03-11 04:46 PM

HDMI audio documentation
I have written some documentation for using audio-over-HDMI (and DisplayPort). It covers hopefully everything I've mentioned while providing support for this feature on these forums and elsewhere.


ScottKnight 02-04-11 01:12 PM

Re: HDMI audio documentation
Wow, a whole day later and no responses? Allow me to be the first to say THANKS! That really clears up a lot of details I have been too lazy to try and track down on my own :D

Licaon 02-05-11 08:36 AM

Re: HDMI audio documentation
why isn't thisk sticky?

niblifar 02-10-11 06:35 PM

Re: HDMI audio documentation
Could we have a list of some of those pre-Azalia GPUs the documentation doesn't cover?

gotliebk 02-13-11 02:59 AM

Re: HDMI audio documentation
Thanks Stephen,

This guide is invaluable. I've been having problems (which you've helped with) on my nNidia ION 2 with audio over HDMI. This guide explains not only the ALSA issues I was having but the Pulse-Audio issues as well. Great work. Thanks again.

P.S. I agree that it should be a sticky. Lot's of folks will want this info.

Stephen Warren 02-15-11 11:22 AM

Re: HDMI audio documentation
I wasn't sure if I wanted to take up sticky space with this, since it limits the number of other threads that can be seen. That said, you've persuaded me. It can always be unstuck later if it becomes annoying. I'll lock the thread too.

Stephen Warren 02-16-11 10:35 AM

Re: HDMI audio documentation
The document has been updated to v4. This thread hasn't been updated since v1.2, so changes since then:

* Updated Missing Codec IDs to describe an additional patch required for the latest FERMI-based GPUs.

* Added item to Issues In Alsa describing a problem on some chipsets which causes blank video unless audio is playing.

* Reworked codec architecture images to take up less space.
* Added details regarding which chipsets and GPUs use each codec architecture.
* Added basic details of new codec architecture introduced in the GeForce 520.

* Added more complete details of new codec architecture introduced in the GeForce 520. This entailed rewriting much of the sections describing ALSA device numbering.
* Changed to single-field numbering scheme.

* Updated Incorrect Reporting of Supported Sample Rates to add a link to the fix.

* Added item to Issues In Alsa describing a regression which caused ALSA applications to hang when passing through compressed AC3 streams, and the fix for the regression.
* Rewrote dead links to commits on the sound-2.6 project on git.kernel.org to refer to the same commit IDs on the sound project.

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