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Hayvan 09-06-02 07:00 PM

Screen Rotate

I'd like to know if the nvidia driver allows screen rotating (as NVrotate does) to use a rotating flat screen, for instance.

Anyone has some clue about that ? I've browsed all the HOWTOs I've found, but nothing.


Thunderbird 09-07-02 04:48 AM

In the near future this will be supported but for the moment there's no support for it in the Nvidia drivers.

The current version of xfree86 (4.2.0) contains a extension called "XRandR" and this extension can be used for rotating the desktop and for resolution + colour depth switching. (especially that last feature is very interesting ...)

The nvidia drivers don't contain support for this feature. The same for most other drivers I think. This extension was in the beginning meant for PDA linux users.

In Xfree86 5.0 it will be officially supported if everything goes ok. So hopefully nvidia's drivers will have support then too.

Ralf Reddin 01-21-03 01:20 PM

When will it be available?
Are there currently any plans to provide this rotating feature for the linux driver? I saw something in a XF86Config file like "Rotate" "CW" but my driver does not understand this option.

In which version will rotating be supported and when will that version be available?

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