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LurkerLito 02-10-11 09:16 AM

Kill Zone 3 Demo
If you haven't gotten it or aren't a PSN+ subscriber you can get it now by making a Hong Kong PSN account and you can download the US version demo from there :).

I got it last night and used the move controls and they worked well. It feels very natural but takes a little bit of getting use to for turning. The only bad thing is if you use the move controller in your hand it feels a bit awkward having your wrist in that pointed at the screen position for a while. Having a gun case helps remove that awkward feeling but unfortunately then you can't press the move button easily which is your crouch/cover button and I didn't see a way a way to remap the motion controller buttons. I'll have to experiment some more later tonight.

Overall I like it and I might actually buy it which is surprising since I usually don't like FPS games on console.

JaylumX 02-10-11 12:56 PM

Re: Kill Zone 3 Demo
I cannot seem to find the KZ3 SPDemo in my HK account.

LurkerLito 02-10-11 02:26 PM

Re: Kill Zone 3 Demo
It was under new releases when I downloaded it last night.

m3dude 02-10-11 02:36 PM

Re: Kill Zone 3 Demo
my eyes had an orgasm

Mr. Hunt 02-10-11 06:31 PM

Re: Kill Zone 3 Demo
Played it. I actually prefer the Move for it over the controller. They definitely got the Move controls right. Debating if I should buy the "Sharpshooter" peripheral or not :\.

Mr. Hunt 02-11-11 11:26 AM

Re: Kill Zone 3 Demo
Ok, after playing more of the MP demo (don't dare try and say it is a beta), I'm not so sure I am going to be buying this. Not right away, at least. It takes forever to connect to a game, sometimes it just sits at the loading screen for FOREVER, but I can HEAR other people. Sometimes it loads in, but the clock is set to 30 seconds before the game starts and it NEVER goes down, and I won't even mention the fact that waiting 30 seconds for the match to start is retarded, combined with the minute timer or whatever AFTER a match where you CAN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING LIKE USE YOUR UPGRADE POINTS! WTF?! Then just now I joined a match and was like, "AWESOME, A MATCH THAT STARTED! AMAZING!!!" Then after about 5 seconds into the match, it said my faction won. Problem was, the game was still going on and I just had the Helghast symbol across my entire screen and had no HUD. Was REAL freaking awesome.

Game sucks, they should have had an actual beta for this, because from what I see, they didn't test anything at all.

lIqUID 02-11-11 04:34 PM

Re: Kill Zone 3 Demo
After playing the mp beta or whatever of this I'm glad I have a nice pc. Man, console games make my eyeballs bleed, jesus wow.

Albo 02-11-11 07:01 PM

Re: Kill Zone 3 Demo
Thanks for the heads up.

Downloading now from Hong Kong! Little late to the party, but anyways.

Albo 02-12-11 08:59 PM

Re: Kill Zone 3 Demo
Well, downloaded. Played. Enjoyed. :D

First game: 1-6
Second game: 4-6
Third game: 5-4
Fourth game 7-4
Fifth game: 8-2

It's pretty fun, I really enjoyed it. Still getting used to it a bit. The melee is spot on, then it doesn't detect it and a shotty to the face :/

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