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jwright8 02-15-11 11:24 AM

Triple monitors in SLi?
I've seen conflicting reports, so I figured I'd post for clarification (and if any new information was out). I'll be building a system with two GTX 570's in SLi, and I was wondering if it's possible to run 3 monitors as an extended desktop.

I had read somewhere that it is, that it disables all but the main monitor when a game is ran (or something to that effect). I checked the site, and it seems to say that specifically about TWO monitors, not three, so I was wondering that if I was perhaps missing something.

If not in SLi, could I theoretically run three monitors at once with those cards with SLi mode disabled (only enabling when I needed it to game)?

If so on either question, how would I hook it up?

Thanks in advance for your help :)

jwright8 02-15-11 11:45 AM

Re: Triple monitors in SLi?
Thank you very much for the info!

I was mainly wondering about that three-screen SLi in extended desktop mode (if it would work). I don't really care so much if it just uses one screen when I game, but I just ideally wanted something I wouldn't have to tinker with every time I wanted to switch from programming (hence the multiple screens) to gaming, so I was hoping it would just display all three at once in the extended mode.

jwright8 02-15-11 12:14 PM

Re: Triple monitors in SLi?
Okay, maybe I'm a retard. I thought extended mode was that?

I've used systems before where basically you can just drag the window in question from the main monitor to the side monitor seamlessly, then hit maximize and it will fill the secondary screen while you can maximize something else on the primary screen (ie front and and back end coding for adding code and testing). Is that extended mode, or am I just mistaken?

Again, sorry, I'm new to all of this :headexplode:

jwright8 02-15-11 12:29 PM

Re: Triple monitors in SLi?
You wouldn't happen to know the name of the SLi mode that involved extending the desktop onto 3 monitors, would you? So I can try to look into it.

So far all I'm seeing is this:

Which is basically telling me that I'll need a 3rd, independent, card for it to work :\

WeReWoLf 02-15-11 02:59 PM

Re: Triple monitors in SLi?
You can set separate maximize sections within the spanned desktop using the Matrox Powerdesk program. 64 Bit 32 Bit.

memots 03-09-12 02:30 PM

Re: Triple monitors in SLi?

I am having issue with my setup for 3 monitor on gtx 460 sli.

Whatever combination i tried for connection the monitor connected to *card2 always goes blank and never comes back on.

Now i know that the monitor is "detected" because the space of that monitor is present ( moving windows in there and back )

When i select activate all monitor there is no issue they are work fine. the problem start when i try to configure "span display with surround"

I have seen people on you tube with my setup having their game run on all 3 monitor and i have seek help with them but with no luck. Any idea or help would be awesome.

Thanks guys.

*sorry to resuscitate this older post but it had very good info.

memots 03-11-12 09:35 PM

Re: Triple monitors in SLi?
I figured it out.

2 of the screens i was using VGA with dvi adapters and they were detected as VGA, the other display was using DVi ( Also tried Mini-hdmi )

Once i had all 3 on VGA ( with dvi adapters but still detected as VGA ) it worked.

So for everyone having the same issue out there. Just use everything on the same connection type and it should work.

You could also try custom resolution in the Ncc for each monitor , make all 3 monitors the same resolution with the same refresh rate then go to surround ( span display with surround ).

I hope this help someone else :)

Thanks guys.

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