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tcb 02-18-11 04:12 AM

flashplugin artefacts
Hi there

Recently the flashplugin leaves artefacts on the screen. That is I see contents of flashplayer-videos in black surfaces (that is text, images and videos). I have this behaviour with 270.18 of the driver, as well as with 260.19.04 (I switched to 270.18, as the latter had some odd pixel artefacts when scrolling after playing some videos with vdpau in mplayer, which made the screen unusable).

Is there a way to remove these artefacts without restarting X?

OS: FreeBSD 9.0-Current,
Driver: 270.18 with twinview.

thanks, tcb.

blackend 02-24-11 04:12 AM

Re: flashplugin artefacts

I have the same issue here with NVIDIA-FreeBSD-x86-260.19.36 driver on a GTS 450.
I found a sort of workaround: I switch to a tty console (Ctrl-Alt-Fx) then I switch back to the X11 display. I have to do that trick once per session then no display issues.


tcb 02-24-11 07:41 AM

Re: flashplugin artefacts

I deactivated the hardware acceleration in the flashplugin-settings dialog. This seems to fix it here for now.

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