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skimj 02-18-11 12:39 PM

9600 GSO can't control fan speed or PowerMizer
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I have a 9600 GSO card with a really fast/loud fan. I've tried just about everything that I can find to try to remedy this.

nvidia-settings: I've enabled CoolBits in xorg.conf and this does give me the controls for the fan speed in the GUI and it behaves as though the settings are made but the speed of the fan never actually changes. (also, the pseudo-control only allows for the lowest setting of 50%). I notice the PowerMizer is set to 0 which is "maximum"; I can't adjust it here or with the often posted Option "RegistryDwords" type settings in xorg.conf

nvclock: seems to have same behavior as nvidia-settings: I can adjust the fan speed setting but the actual fan speed doesn't change. With this I can set the whole range 0-100% but the nvidia-settings GUI only shows settings from 50-100%.

Ideally, I'd like to set the PowerMizer to "adaptive" if that were an option for me. Short of that, I would like to have control of the actual fan speed. Any ideas? Attached is the nvidia-bug-report log which has loads of system info.

artem 02-18-11 06:37 PM

Re: 9600 GSO can't control fan speed or PowerMizer
Most desktop 8XXX 9XXX GPUs don't have power levels so powermizer will not work for you.

You can still remedy the situation by editing and reflashing your video BIOS using NiBiTor (there are plenty of manuals on the net).

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