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sbrk 02-20-11 01:30 AM

Need libGL / libglx / -glcore compiled w/o CMOV
I'm trying to run an 8400 GS on a Via C3 processor. Unfortunately, this "i686-like" processor lacks the cmov instruction. My X server dies during startup with an illegal instruction. I suspect the nVidia driver does some OpenGL init during load and that's where it tries to run a cmov.

I'd really love nVidia (even more!) if they'd provide a build with non-cmov libraries included.

The culprits are:

libGL.so.1 97 cmov instructions
libglx.so.1 457 cmov instructions
libnvidia-glcore.so.1 9038 cmov instructions


sbrk 02-20-11 01:50 AM

Re: Need libGL / libglx / -glcore compiled w/o CMOV
Also, the C3 doesn't support the "sfence" instruction. That's why it's dying for me right now:

(gdb) disass 0x2884dc80 0x2884dca0
Dump of assembler code from 0x2884dc80 to 0x2884dca0:
0x2884dc80: shll $0xa,0x24(%esp)
0x2884dc85: mov 0x24(%esp),%edx
0x2884dc89: or %edx,%eax
0x2884dc8b: mov %eax,0x4(%esi)
0x2884dc8e: sfence
0x2884dc91: mov 0x2c(%edi),%esi
0x2884dc94: mov %ebp,0x74(%edi)
0x2884dc97: test %esi,%esi
0x2884dc99: je 0x2884dcb0
0x2884dc9b: xor %edx,%edx
0x2884dc9d: lea 0x0(%esi),%esi

[edit: This crash happened in the driver proper: nvdia_drv.so. I could probably hand-patch these to NOPs, but if someone would be nice enough to make an official build, that'd be great. Thaaaanks. </lumberg>]

zander 02-22-11 11:39 AM

Re: Need libGL / libglx / -glcore compiled w/o CMOV
Unfortunately, current NVIDIA FreeBSD graphics drivers are written for and intended to be run on modern x86 processors. They rely on features like SSE, and expect instructions such as cmov and sfence to be supported. The older legacy graphics drivers are less demanding (for example, we made sure 173.xx runs on CPUs that do not support SSE).

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