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xanonus 02-21-11 11:31 AM

260.19.36 destroyed my GeForce 8400M G
I used current Debian Sid with the official 260.19.36 nvidia driver and kernel In my Laptop (benq r56) a GeForce 8400M G is built in. It worked for 3 years.

In the last 2 days the xserver freezes sometimes completely with error messages

  [mi] EQ overflowing. The server is probably stuck in an infinite loop.
and some ev_driver lines in the Xorg.log

(similar to http://www.linuxquestions.org/questi...e-loop-840985/ )

Today I could not really restart the X-Server after a freeze (the screen kept nearly black with some strange dots that fade out slowly).

After rebooting, the monitor shows now during and after the BIOS initialisation only strange pattern (half side white other side black, or other colors related to the thing it should show / or the fade out dot pattern). But an external monitor works. Linux itself does not boot anymore and the displayed text "loading linux kernel..." has some wrong letters. Windows Vista works, but only with a external monitor and low resolution, the nvidia graphic driver is not started as it had errors (Code 43).

Since there were in the past lots of heating problems with GeForce 8400M G, maybe the graphic card has overheated. Is there a way to check this? Or is there the possibility that only some permament internal settings in the graphic card are wrong, which could be restored?

it works again: see my last post in this thread.

P.Kosunen 02-21-11 12:17 PM

Re: 260.19.36 destroyed my GeForce 8400M G

Originally Posted by xanonus (Post 2394851)
In my Laptop (benq r56) a GeForce 8400M G is built in. It worked for 3 years.

Thats pretty long for this chip. Its very likely hardware problem.

DeiF 02-21-11 05:29 PM

Re: 260.19.36 destroyed my GeForce 8400M G
Yep. I had a laptop with a 8400M GS and it died TWICE (once for year). It was near 80șC at idle, maximum fan speed always, with a cooler base.
Also the 8400GS card on my desktop died recently too. It had lower temperatures, but not as low as my new GT240, which is idling now at 44șC.
So it seems a common problem.

btw: I still have the laptop invoice in case NVIDIA wants to buy me a new one.

artem 02-22-11 03:57 AM

Re: 260.19.36 destroyed my GeForce 8400M G
NVIDIA drivers are not the cause of this failure.

NVIDIA bumpgate is.

gradinaruvasile 02-22-11 05:03 AM

Re: 260.19.36 destroyed my GeForce 8400M G
I had a Quadro NVS 135M that fried because of that manufacturing problem...

xanonus 02-23-11 03:27 AM

Re: 260.19.36 'destroyed' my GeForce 8400M G and nvidiafb repaired it
I just want to announce that starting grml (old 2008.11 release) which loads the nvidiafb driver and then start the xserver repaired my graphic card. It was big luck, that I tryed to start the X server again in grml after hours of working with only external monitor.

Now everything seems to run fine again. But I need to do more checks.

I think it was *not* a heating problem but, because of a bug in 260.19.37 with my xserver, my graphic card was misconfigured so that it does not work completey until it was reseted by nvidiafb or some graphic RAM 'forgot' some wrong values (which needs longer than 6 hours without power as I could detect weak, but well-known icons on the screen during the time the screens showed only strange patterns).

I don't know if this possible or if there are other reasons for the resurrection of my laptop monitor. But now I am happy, that it works again :)

gradinaruvasile 02-23-11 03:58 AM

Re: 260.19.36 destroyed my GeForce 8400M G
This may well be the sign that your card is about to die.
I had with my NVS 135M messed up screen + not loading x server and the windows low res mode. But at first they appeared seldom and randomly, then more and more often until i got stuck with it and never recovered.

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