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Rakeesh 02-23-11 01:57 AM

What to do with extraneous updates?
So I have 2 copies of office installed, 2007 pro and 2010 pro. I have 2007 still just for excel (2010 won't work for spreadsheets like this one, which I need for my accounting class.) When I just reformatted a few days ago, in the office 2007 setup I only installed excel 2007 and nothing else.

But, windows update, is downloading updates for the entire office 2007 suite. Access. Word. Outlook. You name it. Also its installing service packs and (somebody correct me if I'm wrong here) it doesn't appear to be deleting the old ones when it finishes updating (namely because it keeps eating up more hdd space even after its done installing.) Further I also have Visual Studio 2010 pro installed (taking a c# course,) and it's downloading updates to sh*t I don't even use, like MS SQL server 2008, which apparently I now have service pack 2 of.

Why is this a problem? Well this is a problem for me because these updates are being installed on my shiny little 80gb intel SSD and using up precious space. Naturally, I want to trim down the stuff I don't need. Is there any easy way to do this? I'm thinking something akin to clearing out the Windows 7 SP1 scaffold when its finished doing its update by executing a simple shell command. I just don't know what that would be for office, sql server, etc. I also don't know what I would do to tell windows update to stop downloading office 2007 updates that aren't for excel 2007.

Rakeesh 02-23-11 02:01 AM

Re: What to do with extraneous updates?
BTW before anybody asks, I'm going for a Management Information Systems degree, basically a business degree with some technology mixed in, and I know it seems odd in that being a poor student I sure have a lot of expensive "pro" edition software, but its not (lee), 2007 pro obtained from powertogether thingie and 2010 pro from MSDNAA $80 "ultimate steal" deal, MS Visual Studio Pro 2010 is a free MSDNAA thingie.

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